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Target Launches Quick PC Builder & Adds Barebones Options

Target has launched additional features and updates to its Custom PC Builder configurator, including the addition of Intel NUCs, Gigabyte Brix micro-PCs and barebones options, as well as a new Quick PC Builder.

The Yorkshire-based distributor’s Custom PC Builder, and its customisable, retail-focussed version, the In-Store PC Builder, is the World’s first ‘from-scratch’ PC configurator where the user can start from any component and any subsequent components added during the design process are checked for compatibility at each stage of the configuration.

The rise in popularity of micro-PCs such as Intel’s NUC (Next Unit of Computing) and Gigabyte’s Brix barebones ranges has influenced Target’s decision to incorporate them into the configurators. Target’s sales to resellers supplying corporations, public services and, in particular, education establishments suggest that multiple units of small form-factor and micro PCs, all with the same specifications, offer benefits for both the establishment and reseller.

Cory Lees, Target Product Marketing Executive and architect of the Custom PC Builder, explained why he thinks that is: “These institutions are demanding much smaller PCS as space-saving has become more important for both social distancing in the workplace, and in using available space more efficiently. Not only that, but these micro-PCs are also considerably less power-hungry than traditional desktops, something that has now become a major consideration for offices and schools with a lot of seats. It’s also easier for resellers to have replacement units available in case more are required at short notice or, at worst, one stops working correctly.”

Target has also launched the Quick PC Builder, a scaled-down configurator where users choose from a limited range of components. Currently there are six bestselling cases in various sizes, the most popular AMD & Intel processors, memory up to 64GB & up to 2TB capacity hard drives. Target will also install Windows 11 Home or Pro, build and test each PC individually (providing a test sheet with each unit) then ship directly to the reseller or straight to the site they are being deployed.

Lees explained: “Sometimes resellers need an all-singing, all-dancing, superfast gaming behemoth. But most of the time they don’t – those serving, for example, enterprise customers often need well-built, reliable but more standardised machines that are easily fixed, easily-upgraded and built to a very tight pricepoint. The Quick PC Builder helps resellers offer just that in just a few clicks – choose the basics and we’ll do the rest, no matter how many units are required.”


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