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STM Goods Introduces First-Ever Lineup of MagSafe Accessories

COMING SOON - MagArm, MagPod and MagLoop leverage Apple’s MagSafe technology for “smarter than most” technology conveniences

STM Goods, a leading designer of innovative bags, cases and related products for consumer electronics, has announced the release of their first-ever line of MagSafe accessories.

The lineup includes the MagArm, MagPod and MagLoop, all using MagSafe technology in distinct ways to ensure the utmost convenience for technology aficionados to casual consumers. This new product range marks a continued pattern of innovation for the brand, as the technology industry shifts toward an easier and faster form of charging.

Providing a portable phone mount and utilizing MagSafe technology, the MagArm seamlessly attaches to the back of the users laptop screen, placing their phone in the same viewing angle as their laptop and allowing for suspended charging. The 360-degree adjustable swivel hinge provides the perfect line of sight for any important notifications or video communications and keeps the phone up and out of the way of cluttered desks. RRP £44.95.

For anyone wanting to capture content on the go, the MagPod is a brilliantly designed designed, collapsible mini tripod that offers an attractive stand or convenient handle for a MagSafe iPhone. The accessory uses a magnetic disc atop a pivoting socket to enable viewing in virtually any angle and features retractable legs that smoothly fold together and magnetically lock in place, creating a great handle for selfies and video, or just compact storage when traveling. RRP £44.95.

“At STM Goods, we are constantly seeking new, smarter ways to increase efficiency and convenience through our inventive product development in order to keep up with consumers’ demands and needs,” said Ethan Nyholm, co-founder of STM Goods. “Each of these products is designed using the latest in technology to address common pain points faced by consumers, while also injecting a little more delight in the process.”

The final new release from STM Goods, MagLoop, is an essential for iPhone users looking to accessorize for greater enjoyment and functionality of their device. The sleek 3-in-1, low-profile MagSafe accessory includes a swing-out kickstand, soft-silicon finger loop and even a handy bottle opener that attaches magnetically to iPhone’s MagSafe. Whether they’re watching their favorite show on the go or cracking open a cold one with friends, the MagLoop has got them covered. RRP £24.95

“In addition to creating smart accessories that incorporate the latest advances in tech and provide easy solutions, we also strive to design products that merge perfectly with consumers’ lives both in and outside of the office,” said Adina Jacobs, co-founder of STM Goods. “Aesthetically pleasing, sleek and modern designs paired with unique, fun details are a staple of STM Goods and something you’ll see across our lineup of MagSafe products.”

The final additional MagSafe accessory, the MagAdapter, is a simple accessory that brings the magnetic attachment benefits of MagSafe to phones and cases that don’t originally have it. A super-slim disc with an integrated magnet array that adheres to the device or case allows virtually any phone or phone case to magnetically attach to any MagSafe accessory. The MagAdapter will debut later this month. RRP £9.95.

Pricing and Availability:

The new STM Goods MagSafe accessory range is coming soon and will be available from £9.95 on For more information please see


About STM Goods

STM Goods: Smarter Than Most. Australian-born and grown worldwide, the brand’s mission is to improve how people protect and carry their precious daily cargo. Since its inception in 1998, STM Goods has become an industry leader in the innovation of laptop bags, packs, fitted cases, and other accessories designed to safeguard digital gear, stylishly. Our goal is to make whatever you’re doing easier, safer, and a little more unique…in the smartest way possible. For more information, visit


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