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Sandberg Releases Powerbanks for wireless charging

Sandberg now presents two wireless powerbanks that are able to charge mobile phones wirelessly, as long as the mobiles support wireless charging according to the Qi standard.

“When choosing a Powerbank for myself, I prefer it to be simple and unobtrusive. I don't want a mobile and powerbank ‘washing line’ to fall out of my pocket when my mobile needs a little back-up power.” So explains Sales Director Erling Hoff Petersen. He continues: “These new wireless powerbanks are fantastic in my opinion. You simply attach the powerbank to the back of your mobile - and BANG, it starts charging.”

The two new powerbanks are usually charged from a USB plug, e.g. in the mobile phone’s charger. The cable can be left at home in future. The suction cups on the powerbank stick securely onto the back of the mobile, which means that it simply becomes a little thicker when it needs to be charged. Conversations, the internet, camera and everything else work as normal during charging. It is also possible to charge an older mobile, or e.g. a digital camera that requires charging by means of a cable.

The largest version with 10,000 mAh has a few additional connections and twice as much power for wireless charging.

The new powerbanks can be found on our website at where they can be purchased in a webshop via the website or by locating a nearest dealer.


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