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Sandberg New Surround Sound Headsets

New Surround headsets The Savage gaming headset offering 7.1 virtual Surround Sound was released onto the market by Sandberg just a few months ago. The next two are already on their way, this time at even lower prices - though still with impressive specifications and a 5-year warranty. The Savage headset has received a very favourable response from the press. It may therefore seem surprising that two entirely new headsets have arrived, which at first glance may seem very similar to the Savage. Anders Partida Petersen, Brand Director at Sandberg A/S, explains: “The technology of the Savage prooved to be a superb recipe for a top quality and very realistic sound, which is loved by gamers - at an agreeable price for everyone. The idea from the outset was to use this technology in gaming headsets with three different price levels, offering more or less LED lights, fancy headbands, adjustability, etc. It was simply the top model that came out first. The other two, Tyrant and Dizruptor, now follow suit.” The two new headsets feature a different look, which is why taste is a contributory factor. There is no doubt that 3 different Surround headsets in an incredibly attractive price bracket give Sandberg a very strong hand. More information on the new gaming headsets is available on our website


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