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NZXT Announces CRFT 10 H510i All Might

April 20th, 2022 - Los Angeles, CA - NZXT, a community-driven provider of PC hardware, software, and services, is kicking off an exciting new collaboration. Dive into the world of My Hero Academia—starting with the H510i All Might. This mid-tower case is the first anime-themed entry into NZXT’s CRFT lineup.

Built to stand strong against the most dangerous villains, the H510i All Might is designed to harness the full power of your components inside the build. Celebrate the ultimate #1 hero and turn your gaming PC into the next Symbol of Peace.

My Hero Academia

In the world of My Hero Academia, 80% of the population is granted superpowers, better known as “Quirks”. All Might—the top hero—chooses a boy with no Quirk, Midoriya, as his successor and shares his Quirk with him after recognizing his potential.

CRFT 10 Inspiration

NZXT CRFT celebrates communities and fandom through unique collaborations with the creative minds that create the games, worlds, and stories that we love. For the H510i All Might, we drew inspiration from the captivating story of All Might to bring to life a case that’s steeped in the lore of My Hero Academia.

CRFT 10 H510i All Might Features

● A custom H510i armor, based on the former top-ranked hero, All Might.

● A Plus Ultra Puck and All Might charm adorns the case, to show what it truly means to build beyond!

● Beautiful artwork inside and outside the case celebrate All Might in all his forms.

Features Found in the H510i

Pre-installed RGB LED Strip: Customize and control the lighting in the build to compliment All Might, any peripherals, and your gaming space.

Built-in GPU mounting bracket: Place your GPU vertically or horizontally with the built-in mounting bracket and get the fine details of the build dialed in.

Included RGB & Fan controller: Control two NZXT RGB lighting channels and three fan channels that support either voltage regulated or PWM fans via NZXT cam.

Your next case IS HERE!





USA: April

EMEA: April


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