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No adaptors attached, Akasa is releasing Alder Lake, LGA1700 compatible CPU coolers!

These coolers provide a strong, solid thermal connection, also backwards compatible with LGA1200 mounting systems.

LONDON, ENGLAND, January 2022 – Akasa, a leading provider of cooling and thermal

solutions for the global electronics industry, has announced they will be releasing an

updated set of CPU coolers compatible with Intel’s newest mounting system, LGA1700. The new line of coolers will follow Intel’s official thermal and mechanical design guide and improves heat dissipation from the Alder Lake processors.

The 12th generation of Intel Core processors will be using this LGA1700 mounting system, launching with a host of technological advances. Intel’s new hybrid core design allows for efficient data processing, with the introduction of Performance and Efficiency cores (P-cores and E-cores respectively). P-cores are dedicated to the faster processing tasks, whilst Ecores have been built to work through background processes, therefore increasing the multitasking capabilities of the CPU. Due to the new sizes of these cores, the shape of the CPU’s integrated heat spreader (IHS) has changed to accommodate this, with its rectangular dimensions of 37.5 mm x 45 mm.

Using older LGA1200 coolers on the new processors may provide an uneven mounting

pressure, due to the wider, rectangular shape of LGA1700, and the lower stack height of the CPU (basically a thinner IHS). The differences in pressure could cause some coolers to have an unsuitable mounting mechanism to provide the best cooling experience possible. There is evidence of uneven thermal paste spread when using adapter kits with LGA1200 coolers, which could lead to hotspots on the CPU – a dedicated LGA1700 cooler is recommended to prevent these pressure differences. It is especially important for this generation of CPUs because of the different core designs, which can produce a higher heat output compared to the previous generations.

Akasa’s new coolers will have a heatsink design which fits the Alder Lake CPUs – following Intel’s official thermal and mechanical design guide:

- Standard coolers also have been updated with an increased base diameter of

43.6mm, allowing more contact with the CPU and therefore more heat to conduct

through to the heatsink fins. The standard coolers come with an optimised push pin

length, where the length of the pin has increased to provide the best lateral pressure.

- The new tower heatsink has a new eccentricity design to allow for tall RAM sticks to

clear the cooler. The mounting kit included has a shorter spacer to ensure a snug fit

with the new IHS size and a higher mounting pressure for improved heat dissipation.

- Akasa is also planning on releasing updated versions of their liquid AIO coolers,

which are high performance and essential for overclocking and pushing your new

LGA1700 compatible CPU to the max!


Akasa is a global computer hardware and electronics company that fuses innovative design with cutting-edge technology and engineering to deliver exceptional products for our customers. With over 20 years of experience, Akasa has extensive expertise to provide quality solutions to suit your needs. We offer passive and active case solutions, coolers, fans, PC lighting and a vast array of card readers, cables, and adapters


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