Malwarebytes Toolset and Fab's AutoBackup form 3rd Party Partnership

Malwarebytes has been hinting at this in the last release and are now excited to make it official. To help expand the capabilities of the Toolset and showcase one of our partners in the tech community, they have partnered with the wonderful Fabrice Parisot to bring access to Fab's AutoBackup 7 to the Toolset (license not included). This utility is the industry leader for technicians that want to easily backup, transfer, and migrate user data and settings on Windows devices. You will find it under the Repair section of the Toolbox (and Malwarebytes\AutoBackup7Pro) in this release. For more details on this product, check out the included user guide or visit the following website:

Please note that on first launch, Fab's AutoBackup will ask for your license info (for previous users), offer you an exclusive discounted license at 25% off (must be launched from the Toolset itself), or utilize a trial version of the product. Malwarebytes does not directly provide or sell these licenses and it is up to you to obtain and provide one.