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JOBY® Bum Bags – Custom-made for today’s vloggers and influencers

Get your creative career started with a Bum Bag that’s designed to take your JOBY kit on the move

• Designed with feedback from our customers for a tailor-made 3-in-1 carrying solution

• Roomy design works with JOBY GorillaPod®, TelePod™ or HandyPod™

• Convertible design that adapts to your needs

Enhance your JOBY collection with a JOBY Bum Bag. This clever 3-in-1 combination of a sling bag and convertible pouch/backpack is just the thing content creators need to carry their equipment.

For content creators venturing into the world of online vlogging, a bag that holds all their essential JOBY equipment and still lets them keep their hands free is a must. We worked closely with our users and listened to exactly what they wanted from a Bum Bag. The design we came up with was inspired by real-life users, which is why it’s practical, adaptable, and stylish.

Multi-functional bags

Available in three bold colours, the JOBY Bum Bag is a spacious multifunctional bag that can transform into a variety of different configurations. Need extra space for additional gear? The pouch can transform into an 8-litre backpack that simply rolls up and tucks into the back of the main pouch when not in use. Your GorillaPod, TelePod, or HandyPod simply clips securely underneath using two quick-release clips that allow creators to set up or pack up their kit in seconds.

JOBY has packed some extra features into the Bum Bag to make life even easier for vloggers on the go. The bag is supplied with a JOBY Carabiner, GorillaPod Ring, and screen cleaner for banishing fingerprints on any lens, allowing for the perfect shot.

Part of our new Collectibles range

The JOBY Bum Bag is a new product that, along with our exciting new customizable GorillaPods, form part of our new Collectibles range. One of the key features of all our Collectibles products is that they’re designed in conjunction with genuine, real-life feedback from real JOBY users. That’s why the Bum Bag is designed to be

multi-functional with a variety of different configurations and puts user experience and great aesthetics on equal footing. The result? Products our customers love using, and that are functional, funky, and fun to use.

JOBY Bum Bags are made from 100% polyester and measure 55.5x8x14cm when packed down. Choose from three fabulous colourways – Original Red, Tropical, and Rainbow. Weighing in at just 500g, the bag is light enough for all-day wear and practical for extended travel adventures. All JOBY Bum Bags come with a one-year JOBY warranty for total peace of mind.


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