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It’s Time To Take A Stand - Arctic Z2-3D Gen 3 Review

RRP £79.99

Available from: Amazon UK

For those of you who run more than one monitor, I may well have something interesting for you today. If you remember, TFT introduced you to the Arctic TV flex a while back. Today we are looking at the Arctic Z2-3D Gen3 Desk Mount Gas Spring Dual Arm. Now, these are useful if you want to be able to adjust your monitors, turn them to different angles etc. Anyone one doing multi taking would probably say sign me up already. But I want to take a closer look before I say that. So, let’s go have a look.

Key Features

· Monitor Arm with Gas Lift Technology

· Full flexibility in alignment

· Can be used in both landscape and portrait mode

· Gas lift arm for smooth, steady adjustment

· Cable management makes for a tidy work-space

· Versatile adjustment options ensure correct ergonomic seating

· Four USB ports at the base of the monitor arm

Just looking at the box here for a moment, it’s a respectable looking box. For what is inside there is not much need to have HD pictures all over it. Arctic kept it simple in a standard blue box with a drawing, and one or two regular pictures on the back. This works in this scenario. While you would not do it for an ARGB fan, it works on things like this. Plus, it is more environmentally friendly than that shiny coating on the boxes that are designed to stand out. This will look friendly on your shelf and not take up too much space, and it is easy to tell what it is. Pluses all the way round for me so far.

Ok, let’s open it up. Inside, we find the manual, feedback form, each of the small parts are individually sorted and wrapped making it more convenient to know what is what when assembly time comes. You also have the larger parts, and might I say they look sturdy.

Assembly was a breeze. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The pre sorted components helped. The only real tools needed for assembly are a screwdriver and Alan key. It did not take long to do, minutes actually.


Final thoughts

We found the Z2-3D-Gen-3 to be great value for money. It does what it promises, it’s made of good materials and can adjust in most ways you would need. It’s a vey good product. It ticked all of the boxes and left us with a feeling it would be something that someone needing this sort of thing would gladly buy. You have USB ports in it and everything. You have a way to cable tidy. If you are like me, that is a must. I just can’t praise it enough.

Pros and Cons

+Extremely good build quality, nothing felt cheap

+Easy to follow instructions

+Carbon neutral company

+Can basically position screens however you want.

+Very good price for what you get.

+Seems like Arctic take pride in their products and will only release it if they are 100% happy with it.

Highly Recommended


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