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I’m A Fan of A Fan ---- Akasa 8" UrFan and Akasa 6" Mini Fan USB Desk fans Review

You know how you sit at your computer and work yourself up in a sweat over your game? No? I guess it’s just me then. No, seriously. Computers emit heat into the room and if you are sitting next to one for hours on end, you will probably find the room a bit toasty. While that is all well and good in the

winter, it is not great in the summer! OK, yes I know summer is over and Fall is here. But that does not mean that some of us, like myself don’t still get a little too warm. So, relief is on the way. I’m talking about fans from Akasa that stand on your desk and run off of a USB port. I know what you are thinking, “Oh no not one of those sissy fans with no guard and they just blow the hot air around”. No, not at all. I’m talking about a mini version of what I have in my own bedroom in the summer. It spins all the way around and sits on a very sturdy stand. I have two to look at. One is 6 inches and the other is 8 inches. There are some differences other than size and we will look at that shortly. So, sit back, take a chill pill and let's cool down together Akasa style.



AK-UFN03-BK £9.95 €10.50 $12.65

AK-UFN04-BK £13.95 €15.95 $17.75





Noise Test:

Room 44 Decibels

UFN04-BK (8” fan) on speed 1 - 46 Decibels

UFN04-BK (8” fan) on speed 2 - 51 Decibles

So, you can’t call them totally silent but you CAN call them quiet.

UFN03-BK (6” fan) on the only speed it has, ON - 57 Decibles

Now that is quite a jump! However this fan does have metal blades. But it is doing its job nonetheless.


UFN04-BK (8” fan) Blew really well in tests and could be felt even if you were not sitting right next to it.

UFN03-BK (6” fan) For the size it is, it did really well. I am thinking the metal blades helped the fan with the air pressure. I was rather impressed.

The packaging on these fans looked the part as well. Akasa is renowned for having their logo on the front of the box where it can be seen immediately. You do not have to guess who made it. I like this. They also use clear fonts and high quality pictures. If you want to know something about their products it can be found on the box and most of the time it’s on the front.

In conclusion, if you are looking for some nice desktop fans to carry in your store or even purchase for yourself, you will not be disappointed in these. While they may not be an air conditioner, they do very well for something running from a USB port and are very must value for money.

Pros and Cons:


+Quiet fan (8”)

+Able to feel air blowing without having to sit right by it.

+Attractive product

+Ability to turn it all the way around if you wish

+Two sizes to accommodate your needs.

+I like that the small one has metal blades

-Small one was a little noisier than the other.


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