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Home User Elite Mouse - Cherry MC4000 Mouse Review

RRP £25

Available from:



Today we are looking at the Cherry MC4000 Mouse. Before we begin, this is not a gamer’s mouse. Now now, stop your booing already. This is still worth reading. It is what I will call an elite home user’s mouse. What makes it elite? It has an adjustable

DPI and two colours of lights on it. Plus, it’s by Cherry. As you know, they are known the world over for their Cherry Switches on keyboards. Let’s get a closer look ...

The packaging, while having a high quality picture on the front, leaves me thinking they forgot some things. There is no model number or Cherry logo. It’s all good and well putting your logo on the top of the box, but what if the box sits on a shelf? It makes it look like just any other soulless box on a shelf. Only one step above OEM. On the side you can see the side of the mouse. That’s one thing I do like about the packaging, you get to see the side angle and the top. Also, the fact that the picture is to scale is good too.

Inside the box is the mouse and the manual.

Testing and Usage

The mouse cable measures 2m *note it is not braided*

The weight of the mouse is 99 gms

Our room is around 44 decibels with everything turned on. The mouse brought this up to 48 decibels at times.

This mouse has a left and right button as standard, scroll wheel with built in button, DPI button, forward and back button on the side. The DPI button also changes the colours of the mouse. The only downside is you are stuck with that colour if you change your DPI. There is no toggle and you can not even turn the light off. I like keeping my desktop uniform and that would drive me crazy.

Working with the mouse, it slides easily. It is kind of clicky but not too bad for an office. I’ve heard way worse. But there is one thing that really annoys me, the cable kind of does a pulling at the mouse if it does not sit properly.

Final thoughts:

So if you are in the market for a decent mouse and you don’t want to splash out much on it, you might think about this one. It’s not a gamer’s mouse, it is more for home or office. However, the adjustable DPI is an added creature comfort that you usually just get one gaming mice.

Pros and Cons:


+Not overly loud

+Good Price

+Large enough that your hands won’t cramp

+Slides nicely

+Lights up

+Adjustable DPI

+Nice pictures on the box

-Awkward when the cable pulls at it

-Cable is not braided

-Can’t change colours unless you change DPI

-Can’t turn the colours off

-There is a total lack of information on the front of the box

-No hook to hang with

TFT gives this product “Recommended”


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