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Ground-Breaking New “Attack Surface Management” Cloud Service Powered By GuardYoo Introduced By CMS

London, UK, 22nd August 2022:

CMS Distribution is excited to announce the launch of CMS “Attack Surface Management” Cloud Service Powered by GuardYoo.

GuardYoo is a highly respected cybersecurity company with extensive experience in delivering critical security assessment projects for many high-profile organisations and industries across the globe. With increased attacks from hostile entities, traditional cybersecurity and, specifically, internal risk assessments have been a manual, time-consuming and resource-intensive process.

GuardYoo’s approach in automating risk assessment allows organisations to reduce their attack surface to a minimum. GuardYoo delivers a self-service style assessment platform that allows partners to create, execute and analyse cybersecurity assessments on their clients’ infrastructure. This solution can be augmented with additional services, such as penetration and security testing and digital forensics and threat intelligence if deeper situational awareness is needed when any previously undetected threats, risks or evidence of adversaries within the client’s infrastructure are identified.

As a hosted service, CMS Cloud Service Powered by GuardYoo helps partners ensure that the highest levels of “Attack Surface Management” are maintained. The platform is regularly used by experienced “First Responders” when it comes to the most advanced and malicious cyber-attacks. CMS Cloud Service Powered by GuardYoo has pioneered the automation of “Attack Surface Management”, Artefact Analytics and Forensic Reporting and its primary purpose is to strengthen organisations’ resilience against vulnerabilities and cyber threats whilst enabling their growth and reaching their full business potential.

With expert knowledge and experience in cybersecurity, GuardYoo’s research and expertise have been internationally recognised, allowing collaboration not only with partners and their clients but also with many international think-tanks and institutions of higher learning. CMS and GuardYoo are both viewed as trusted advisors within the IT industry and offer the highest levels of service and knowledge to both partners and their clients.

“CMS is delighted to have penned an agreement to provide GuardYoo’s pen testing and security services under our “CMS Powered by” brand. Our partners look to us to provide innovative new products and services, and adding GuardYoo strengthens that considerably,” said Nick Bailey, Alliance Director at CMS Distribution.

Darren Sexton, GuardYoo’s Chief Executive Officer, stated “It’s a real pleasure for us at GuardYoo to partner with CMS Distribution who have a strong history of delivering value-added services to their channel. Through our partnership with CMS, we are able to provide cybersecurity partners with a sophisticated Attack Surface Management platform to help their clients accurately identify and remediate previously undetected vulnerabilities.”

CMS Distribution and GuardYoo take great pride in seeking out innovative technologies that deliver practical, cost-effective solutions. GuardYoo’s frontline experience in cyberwarfare, combined with CMS’ value-added offerings, will enable partners to design and execute custom cyber strategies for their clients.

About CMS Distribution

Since 1988, People, Technology and exceptional Service have been at the heart of CMS Distribution. We take great pride in seeking out innovative technologies that deliver cost-effective solutions, enabling our trade-only customers to succeed.

Our business represents 200+ manufacturers and we sell to a “glocal” customer base made up of corporate resellers, managed service providers, high street and online retailers ranging from large multi-nationals to smaller, independent IT companies.

At CMS, we specialise in taking emerging technologies to market whilst growing established brands using a range of value-added services.

About GuardYoo

Founded in 2018, GuardYoo is an Irish registered cybersecurity company.

We provide:

· “Attack Surface Management”

· Compromise and vulnerability assessment

· Penetration and security testing

· Digital forensics and threat intelligence

GuardYoo assists organisations, industries, governments and academia to face the challenge of constant threats from cyber-attacks, to help them protect networks, systems and data from malicious bad actors.

Our team are experienced “First Responders” when it comes to the most advanced and malicious cyber-attacks, such as the power grid attacks in Ukraine or the NotPetya cyber-attack of 2017. Our research and expertise have been internationally recognised, allowing us to assist and collaborate not only with our clients and partners but also with many think-tanks and institutions of higher learning.

We continuously share our knowledge to help improve international cybersecurity.

COLLABORATION: As a leader in the cybersecurity field, GuardYoo regularly works in collaboration with international bodies.

With increased attacks from hostile entities, GuardYoo has shared its experiences from the forefront of the cyberwar with many European and international think-tanks, including The Aspen Institute, Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center, MIT’s CSAIL, KraftCERT and SANS ICS, to name a few.


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