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GameSir Announce their updated VX2 AimBox with 3.5mm and PS5 Support

Finally experience the accuracy and precision of PC gaming on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

GameSir, the developer of industry leading, high-performance gaming peripherals, are pleased to announce the release of the GameSir VX2 AimBox. The multi-compatible keyboard & mouse adapter is designed to help console gamers take control of their playing-style by merging the benefits of PC gaming with the comfort of consoles.

With the ability of increased movement and precision aiming, PC gaming has often been associated with faster, more intense gameplay styles. As console gamers join in the fun online, and more PC gamers decide to ditch their dusty towers for a more comfortable gaming lifestyle on console, it’s important that they have all the tools in their arsenal to compete. The GameSir VX2 is a useful and powerful solution, that provides console gamers the option to maximise comfort and outperform their competition.

The updated VX2 Aimbox comes with additional support for the PlayStation 5 and introduces new 3.5mm audio support – a feature that many of the ‘footstep’ savvy listeners out there will be sure to appreciate.

Recognising the growing importance of exclusive games on PlayStation 5, and the increasing cross-compatibility between platforms for online games like Fortnite, Call of Duty and more, GamesSir wanted to make sure that users could have the option of using a keyboard and mouse. As a result, alongside existing compatibility with Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, the VX2 is now compatible with PS5 games when using Sony licensed third-party controllers.

Alongside this, GameSir have introduced audio support for the VX2. Being able to effectively communicate with your teammates and immerse yourself in the soundscape of a game can be half of the fun and, in some games, half of your performance. So, the VX2 now includes a 3.5mm audio input that allows users to plug in and chat with their friends and listen to in-game sounds. Unfortunately, this feature is, however, not yet compatible with PS5.

As well as improving the VX2, GameSir have also retained the reliable charm of the original version. With three USB ports and Agility Translator Technology, movements are conveyed with 1:1 gaming accuracy helping gamers avoid unwanted latency issues and, ultimately, react more consistently in-game.

Keeping it’s sturdy, reliable construction the updated VX2 keeps its durable injection-moulded casing. And, under the hood, sandwiched between the motherboard and the outer wall, you’ll find a solid counterweight designed to keep the product firmly on the table. With four additional anti-slip silicone feet that prevent any surprising slippages during intense sessions, gamers can be reassured that one misplaced slap of the table won’t send their VX2 flying across the room.

To provide gamers with even more options to customise their experience, the updated VX2 is also compatible with the GameSir App. Using bluetooth, gamers can fine-tune their mouse, camera, joystick, keybinds and lighting settings with the tap of a button on their smartphones. This especially helps with moving between games, when your setup and configuration may need to be tweaked in order to suit different play-styles or gameplay mechanics – a shoot ‘em up, for example, needs very different settings from a platforming game.

With some welcome improvements, the updated VX2 continues to allow console gamers to enjoy a PC Gaming experience from the comfort of their living room.

The GameSir VX2 is available on ____ for £44.55 ($59.99) and comes with one Micro USB Cable, a Type-C Cable and a GameSir sticker.


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