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History of Windows 7

Windows 7 is a PC working framework that was designed by Microsoft as a significant aspect of the Windows NT group of working structures.

It was discharged to assembling on July 22, 2009 and turned out to be commonly accessible on October 22. It has proved to be a significant improvement by Microsoft and received massive praise from everyone at that time due to its additional features.

Windows 7 - End of Life

Windows 7 that originated in 2009 has come to an end due to it not being supported as an operating system anymore. Many people have switched from Windows 7 to new versions due to various reasons. This End of Support implies no more bug-fixes, security patches, of any current performance issues. There is likely to be a chance of increased attacks from viruses, hacking etc. Similarly, as it happened after support ended on Windows XP.

The end of support signifies that Microsoft has stopped supporting the operating system Windows 7 and this took effect from January 2020. Now Microsoft will not solve any bugs or errors that may arise on the operating system, that simply means it is no longer remains reliable.

Security Issues of Windows 7

Let me discuss a few points that depict the threats or security issues that you may face while sticking to Windows 7.

You may still use Windows 7 after the end of support yet at your own risk. However, the chances of a virus will be increased due to the lack of support. You won't be able to fix any major issues if they occur. You will get security issues likewise. Microsoft has recommended Windows 10 for all the users who are still using Windows 7.

Moreover, the UK's National Cyber Security Centre has already warned the users of Windows 7 to stay away from it. The chances of the leakage of personal data or information have become very high. If you decide to stick with Windows 7, you may suffer a substantial loss in the form of data leakage.

If a person is still using Windows 7, then the risk of security issues is very high. However, if you are an organization that is using Windows 7, then the security issues or threats you are likely to face are on a much higher scale. You are advised to upgrade your operating system as soon as possible. Otherwise, they may fall victim to a data breach.

We all know that businesses or organizations carry more sensitive and broad data, so hackers prefer to target such information rather than on the information of an individual.

Windows 10

After Windows 8.1, Windows ten came into being in 2015 and proved to be the most significant success due to its multiple and additional features. When it originated, it got several positive reviews by everyone, and they declared it the best decision of Microsoft.

In 2018 it been installed on almost 900 million devices; however, they were planning for billions that unfortunately failed.

Still, after further years people prefer to install Windows 10 on their PCs or tablets. Now let's talk about a few advantages out of the many that this operating system provides.

Features of Windows 10

The benefits of Windows 10 incorporate:

Windows 10 came with more security features. The operating system incorporates better support for bio-metric authentication with the help of the Windows Hello platform. Devices that have supported cameras let people log in with the help of face recognition.

Windows 10 naturally packs framework records to decrease the capacity impression of the working framework. The structure can diminish the capacity impression of Windows. It can lessen by roughly 1.5 GB for 32-piece frames and 2.6 GB for 64-piece frameworks.

Windows 10 welcomed a new default web browser. It likewise provided the WIFI sense facility designed from Windows Phone 8.1. In this feature, the user can connect automatically to the suggested hotspot. Before Windows 10, this facility wasn't available in any version.

Why You Need to Upgrade to Windows 10?

If you are still using Windows 7 on your PC or laptop then that doesn’t mean you need to worry about WEEE recycling just yet, only that you are potentially risking the security of your data. As windows 7 is completely unsupported now and will no longer receive any updates from Microsoft. So, it’s a good idea to move over the latest operating system that’s Windows 10.

Let’s talk about all the advantages that you will get by switching from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It includes:

1- Good for Multitasking

Do you know that Windows 10 is considered best for multitasking? You can easily open multiple tabs while working. As the management has been improved over time with versions.

Aero snaps currently offer both half-screen and quarter-screen sizes when you drag a window to one piece of the Desktop. However, it will likewise offer other open windows to occupy any free space.

2- Comes fully supported

One of the advantages of using Windows 10 is that it is always being kept up to date. The benefit is that if there is any errors or bug occurs, then it will inform you on time so that it doesn't get major issues. Microsoft releases regular security patches to fix any bugs or errors that naturally occur as an operating system develops alongside multiple applications.

3- It Gives you Ultimate Protection

As mentioned above Windows 10 is the most secure operating system to date offered by Microsoft, this is the main reason many people are upgrading to it. Another new feature is signing in with a picture, you can choose your own photo and have secret gestures used on the photo to unlock your device. Such as swiping between 2 points on the photo, usually requiring three steps to make the chance of someone guessing your gestures impossible.

There is also a login feature known as the PIN system that means you can decrease the time it takes for you to login by using a customer pin number.

4- New and Unlimited Features

It has a gamer-friendly feature where you may enjoy playing various games. It likewise permits its users to stream the games wirelessly. You may play your favourite games while sitting anywhere.

5- It Works Efficiently

If we talk about the overall performance, then Windows 10 has the best performance to date. Windows 10 will still get a lot of features and security updates in the future while Windows 7 won't get this kind of support, so it’s a good choice that you should upgrade your system.

Final Thoughts

If you are still using Windows 7 despite it no longer being supported anymore then you are risking all your personal data and security. We have mentioned a few the factors that makes it no longer safe or secure to be used on your device. Your security should be your top priority. Windows 7 is no longer secure due to cancellation of support by Microsoft. The vast majority of Windows 7 machines are compatible to upgrade to windows 10 so there is no need to consider laptop recycling when it can be re-purposed and upgraded.


If you are interested you can Contact Sam McNally @ ALM Wholesale Ltd/Recycle Your Tec Landline + 44 (0)1440 784570

Mobile +44 (0)7376419359

Whatsapp +44 (0)7376419359


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