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19th May, 2022 - Eschborn, Germany: SureFire, the specialist gaming brand from Verbatim Europe, has launched four new keyboards offering a choice of full and 60% size form factors, membrane and mechanical switches, and multi-mode programmable RGB lighting, to fit a range of budgets and styles of play.

SureFire KingPin M1 is a 60% mechanical gaming keyboard, ideal for streamlined setups where desk space is a premium or for taking to events, LAN parties or tournaments. The super-fast red mechanical keyswitches have a minimal activation spring force and are silky-smooth. The SureFire KingPin M1 is a keyboard for performance gamers with 100% of the keys anti-ghosting and stunning RGB lighting offering a multitude of colour options. The RGB lighting can be adjusted manually via the keyboard or customised with the software supplied, and the powerful software also allows gamers to set functions for every key, create and manage macros, and disable keys for improved game play.

SureFire KingPin M2 is full-sized, mechanical, and boasts a galvanized iron front panel giving it an industrial hardwearing look and feel. The red linear mechanical switches deliver fast 1ms response times with light spring resistance. Keypresses are effortlessly silky and are guaranteed to 50 million keystrokes ensuring that they will withstand a lifetime of action. The five RGB lighting modes can be adjusted directly from the keyboard, or the lighting can be customised with the supplied software. 100% of the keys are anti-ghosting, 12 are multimedia function keys, and the software can set functions for every key, create and manage macros, and apply other settings to configure the keyboard as desired.

KingPin X1 is a 60% sized membrane gaming keyboard that delivers all the functionality of a regular board compressed neatly into a compact form factor. Its multi-optional RGB lighting has eight static colours and three active lighting modes. Perfect for gamers who prefer minimalistic or smaller setups.

KingPin X2 possesses attractive exposed LED for brighter RGB lighting and a metal frame to withstand the toughest of battles. This full-sized keyboard includes 25 anti-ghosting keys and 12 multimedia function keys which make it possible to control sound volume or lighting quickly and easily from the keyboard and play and pause music or open mail or web browsers.

All SureFire KingPin keyboards connect via a durable 1.8m braided cable with a USB type-A connector. They come with a 2-year warranty and will be available from authorized European retailers soon. For more information, please visit:

About SureFire

SureFire is a specialist European brand owned by Verbatim GmbH providing storage and accessory products for the gaming industry. Visit


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