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Edimax and Solwise join forces

Edimax Seeks Growth in UK via Partnership with Solwise

Edimax Technology, a leading networking solutions provider, today announced a national distribution partnership across the UK and Regions with Solwise, a Yorkshire-based distributor of telecoms, SMB networking, and computer related products. The two companies will work closely together to accelerate the entry of Edimax SMB product line into the UK market through Solwise’s channels.

HQ'ed in Taiwan, Edimax has 30+ years networking R&D, manufacturing and global sales marketing experiences, and developed a comprehensive product portfolio designed to meet customers' various needs. As an official distribution partner, Solwise will stock and provide dealer channels for a range of Edimax SMB products and solutions which are characterized by access points, routers, switches, and visualized network management with cloud computing for ease of operation.

Edimax has always been optimistic about the SMB market worldwide, especially in the UK, where it has an active business and mature economy. According to the Business Population Estimates Report 2018 from Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, small business accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2018 and 99.9% were small or mediumsized (SMEs); and the combined annual turnover of SMEs was £2.0 trillion, accounted for 52% of all private sector turnover. Edimax is confident that Solwise will bring value to Edimax business overall and help nurture in SMB, enterprise segments as well to grow consumer portfolio.

Solwise Ltd. is also pleased to partner with Edimax Technology for distribution of their active SMB networking products for the UK market. Founded in 1991, Solwise has an experienced technical distribution network and an agile sales team. With an extensive range of channel reach, Solwise can help to accelerate the business of Edimax products and solutions across its geography in the shortest possible time.

The Edimax Pro product line will be the first line introduced by the two parties, which include Office Wi-Fi System, a variety of indoor and outdoor 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi access points, PoE+ extender, and the centralized wireless network management software: SkyManag PC. Solwise will carry and stock a number of Edimax specialist models, such as Office 1-2-3, Office +1, CAP1300, CAP1750, WAP1750, OAP1300 and GP-101ET to rapidly respond to customer needs.

Having continuously invested R&D resources into SMB solutions, Edimax has developed the best value for its Edimax Pro product line over advanced network technologies to impress even the most cost-restricted organizations and customers. Edimax’s global presence spans across North America, Asia, and Europe, and serves over 70 countries via its worldwide distribution channels. The partnership with Solwise will offer timely logistic services and support to customers and accelerate growth in Europe.

About Edimax Technology.

Edimax Technology is dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of smart networking solutions for homes and business. With 32 years of dedication and a worldwide footprint, the company provides superior solutions that combine the latest and best-fitting technology with customer needs. 20 branch offices around the world offer direct, real-time services and support to more than 300 partners across 70 countries. With ISO 9000/14000 certification and recognized by Interbrand as one of the top 35 global Taiwanese brands, the company consistently delivers advanced networking solutions and services based on its core values of Quality, Service,

Innovation and Integrity (QSII). For more information, please visit or contact

About Solwise Ltd.

Founded in 1991, Solwise Ltd. is a UK based Distributor of telecoms and computer-related products. Our company carries key brands products as follows: Edimax: Edimax Pro UK Distributor, EnGenius: Sole Authorised UK Distributor, Poynting: UK Distributor. Solwise HomePlugs, Teltonika, Guest Internet Solutions Tenda, Hikvision, IP Com: Golden Distribution Partner, and Aztech. In addition to our wide range of high quality Managed Wireless Solutions, Wide Area WiFi, 3G/4G solutions, Home Networking, Home WiFi, ADSL, and HomePlug adapters, we stock a number of interesting specialist items.Further information on Solwise and the product range, or to request a unit for review please contact


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