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Double Your Speed Half Your Time

Akasa Duo Dock x 3

By Jennifer Griffiths

September 16, 2019

RRP £45.95

Available from:



How many times has a customer come to you needing data recovery doing ASAP? If you are like me, the answer is “All the time”. While you welcome the revenue from the job, it’s a pain. The time alone makes you cringe. Akasa’s Duo Dock Xx3 promises to ease our burdens and cut the time we normally spend on this process. If you clone drives, keep reading as this is not just a transfer dock, but it clones too.

When asked about the special features of the product, I was astounded to find the following:

  • Supports standalone disk cloning - no need to connect to a PC.

  • Easy set-up and compact design

  • Included EU and UL combo adaptors

Looking at the box, the Akasa logo really stands out and the fonts look good. However, it’s hard to make out what the product is. The trouble is it is a black product and a dark background. Maybe they can adjust that. All of your relevant information is where you would expect to find it. It’s also attractive.

Inside we find: The Duo Dock, Manual, 1.8m Power Cable, and 1m USB cable. If I’m honest, I wish the USB cable was a bit longer.


This device uses USB 3.1 Gen 1. So, you know it will be fast. However, if you do not have USB 3.1 Gen 1, it is still compatible just not at the same speeds. It supports SATA (not M.2 or IDE).

We got the speed of 100 mbps with two standard drives.

The device is capable of 350 mbps, so you divide that in half and get 125 mbps for two drives. On average we got between 100 mbps and 300 mbps. So that is not bad at all!

To clone, you just toggle a switch on the back and put your source drive in the back slot. Your blank drive in the front slot and press start. Note, you must get the drives in the right order or you will write over the wrong drive.

As stated above, you don’t have to connect to a PC to clone. It will do it without the connection. The LED indicators on the front denote progress from 25, 50, 75, and 100%. The lights by each drive indicate the performance of the drives. If all is going as it should you will have a blue-ish light. If something has gone wrong the light will go orange. At the end of the job it will beep. This is great in that you do not have to sit and babysit the job and can crack on with something else you may need to do. It allows you to multitask!

Final thoughts:

This product is Ace. It does what it promises. I really like it! The fact that it has the LED progression lights are one of the features I found useful. The beep at the end of the job is good too. I don’t have to constantly look in to see if it is done. That’s good if you are working on something else and you need to know as soon as this is done. Anything that can make my life easier, and save my time, I’m for it.

Pros and Cons:

+Stand alone cloning

+ progression LED lights

+Colour of the lights let you know if the drive is working or not

+Works for both Cloning or Data Transfer

+Flip switch for the job needed on the back

+Beeps when done

+Excellent value for money

-The product is not shown in the best of light on the box

-The USB cable could be longer

TFT gives this product Highly Recommended



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