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DeepCool expands their Gaming range offering and launches the KB500 TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

A feature-packed mechanical keyboard with a compact tenkeyless design and linear switches.

14 th December 2021, Beijing – DeepCool, a leading brand in designing and manufacturing computer hardware and peripherals, announces the launch of a brand-new mechanical gaming keyboard, the KB500. With a tenkeyless compact design, mechanical switches, programmable keys and per-key RGB lighting. The KB500 is the very first DeepCool gaming keyboard to enter the market and a new addition to an expanding portfolio of products that empower enthusiasts and gamers alike.

Tenkeyless Layout with a Compact Aluminum Frame

With a compact tenkeyless design, the DeepCool KB500 allows gamers to position the keyboard for maximum comfort and in-game performance. The KB500’s clean and compact design combined with a near borderless aluminium frame adds rigidity and makes it easy to carry for travel.

Fast Switches with Double-Shot ABS Keycaps and per-key RGB brilliance

Featuring lightweight and linear Outemu red mechanical switches with an actuation force of only 50g for faster keystrokes and a speed advantage while gaming. The double-shot moulded keycaps are durable and provide clear fonts and longer-lasting legends due to the dual design. Personalize your setup with millions of colour choices, dynamic lighting effects and configurable colour layouts to fit any style.

Custom Software Configurations

Access in-depth keyboard settings through the easy-to-use software interface and effortlessly personalize settings like full-key remapping, on-the-fly macro recording and RGB lighting effects. Any key on the KB500 can be remapped to serve a new function with deep customizations for functional macros, shortcuts or both and easily saved into dedicated profiles.

The DeepCool KB500 is a feature-packed mechanical keyboard with a compact design that features fast linear switches, programmable keys and customizable RGB backlighting at an incredible value Price and Availability KB500 – MSRP: £59.99 Available in December 2021 Product Page For more information,


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