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Cooler Master Launches the Silencio S400 & S600

Cooler Master expands their legacy of silent cases, launching the Silencio S400 & Silencio S600 with advanced technology and minimalistic design. Positioned to challenge the higher-priced market, the Silencio series refines its long-established strengths of silence optimization and thermal efficiency.

Design The Silencio’s minimalistic facade cloaks its complexity. Hidden ventilation and tight-fitting panels suggest its stillness, retaining the series’ sensible character. Modularity is approached by performance and utility; the top panel can be devoted to ventilation or for shielding sound, while the front panel features reversible hinges for adaptability. The bezel of the front panel is hardly noticeable, designed as a subtle channel for air and characterized by angular slopes between the door and body. Fine-tuning design elements in form and function result in minimized noise, maximized thermal efficiency, and sophisticated refinement.

· Sound Dampening Material – Sound dampening material minimizes noise from the pre-installed fans, the power supply, all steel panels, the steel front door, and all storage mounting points for 2.5” and 3.5” drives.

· Tempered Glass or Sound-Dampened Steel – The Silencio is available in two versions: seamless tempered glass to show the system build or sound-dampened steel.

· Removable Sound Dampening Cover – The top cover can be removed for increased ventilation or kept in place to reduce noise.

· Reversible, Steel Front Door – The sound-dampened, steel front door features a reversible mounting system that is capable of opening in two directions.

· Versatile HDD Cage (S400 only) – The HDD cage can be shifted to the front for more PSU clearance, backwards for additional front radiator space, or completely removed if HDD storage is not required.

· SD Card Reader – The I/O Panel features an SD Card Reader for rich connectivity.

· Headset Jack – The single 4 pole headset jack features both audio and microphone capabilities simultaneously so that separate jacks are not needed.

· Silencio Fans – Two Silencio FP 120mm PWM fans are pre-installed with rubber padding to reduce noise. To connect additional fans, one 4pin 1-to-3 splitter is included.

· Graphics Card Support Up To 398mm (319mm S400) – Generous clearance space is provided to support the latest graphics cards.

Technology Behind the Silencio’s outer panels are pieces of meticulously-placed sound dampening material, extensively tested using Sorama’s Cam64. The Cam64 visualizes noise, vibrations, and resonance patterns through an array of hyper pressure sensitive microphones. In comparison to decibel meters, visualizations of sound offer deeper insights into sound dynamics and its impact with the Silencio’s frame and panels. Additional study of peaks in the sound spectrum helps identify the most prominent frequencies within a certain range. Understanding and targeting the peaks in this spectrum not only showed a decrease in dB(A) value, but also improves how silence is experienced as sound quality. To give an example, identifying peaks within specific frequency ranges made the dispersion of resonance possible—reducing the prominence of noise generated by system components. Once the data collection process was completed, the frequencies impacting both sound level and sound quality were softened by addressing the Silencio’s overall rigidity and fine-tuning the placement of dampening material. The Silencio utilizes a combination of materials with different densities to counter specific frequency ranges. Appropriate material applied to precise locations accomplishes better results than using only one type of material throughout the entire chassis.

Silencio Whether builds are configured for optimum silence, workspace efficiency, or gaming performance, the Silencio demonstrates a proficiency for adaptability. With the link between silent technology, thermal performance, and cost effectively balanced, the Silencio S400 & Silencio S600 are the accumulation of technologies developed through extensive analysis. Taking on an aesthetic form that matches its sophistication, the Silencio is just as visually adaptive as it is functional, able to embellish any type of setup.

Pricing & Availability The Silencio S400 will be available to buy here; The Silencio S600 will be available to buy here ; Product pages: S400 S600


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