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Cooler Master launches the new MasterBox Q500L

Cooler Master, an award-winning PC components company, launches the new MasterBox Q500L. Deceptively small in stature yet surprisingly robust in features, the MasterBox Q500L supports a standard ATX motherboard and an ATX power supply in a highly compact layout.

High-Density Builds The latest addition to the Q Series further pushes the standards of a compact ATX chassis. The internal layout places the power supply on the top/front of the chassis to fully utilize space while offering ample component clearance. Even with an ATX power supply, clearance for the graphics card can reach up to 360mm. Paired with support for a 240mm radiator up top, the MasterBox Q500L fits fully-sized powerhouses like a glove

Minimized Dimensions for Standard ATX – The MasterBox Q500L supports standard ATX motherboards and PSUs, with a body depth and height of only 386 x 381mm. • Fully Perforated Chassis – The top, front, rear, and bottom panels are fully perforated to offer airflow for various cooling configurations. • Movable I/O Panel – Orientation for the chassis is versatile, with the option to move the I/O panel to retain accessibility. • Vertical and Horizontal Position – The case can be oriented vertically or horizontally. Rubberized screws also function as feet to supplement horizontal orientation. • Vertical PSU Placement – The PSU is positioned on the front of the chassis to fully utilize internal space. The bracket can be relocated depending on hardware configuration and motherboard form factor. • Magnetic Dust Filters – The magnetic dust filters feature a unique design. Magnets allow for quick removal and installation for easy cleaning of the dust filters with rubber stompers to keep the filters in place. • Clean Routing Space – Behind the motherboard tray, 27~30mm width of space is offered for cable management with the entire perimeter acting as a channel for cables. • Edge-to-Edge Transparent Side Panel – The side panel displays system builds in full view. Configurations May Vary A specialized bracket enables the power supply to be mounted in the top/front of the chassis. Since the bracket can also be mounted in various locations, different hardware configurations enjoy different benefits. For example, if a mini ITX motherboard is used instead of a standard ATX in the MasterBox Q500L, the power supply can be mounted in the conventional position of the bottom, rear to allow for increased front panel ventilation. For top radiator clearance, the power supply can be shifted to a lower position in the top/front to accommodate for radiators mounted on the top panel. Although cooling configurations can change depending on the build and form factor, the entire chassis is perforated to offer as many combinations as possible. One Size Fits All All signature features of the Q Series are shared with the MasterBox Q500L, from the movable I/O panel to its capability of orienting horizontally or vertically. Since the entire Q Series shares one size, all accessories are backwards compatible. This includes the handles, feet, the I/O panel, and panels from its predecessors. Future iterations of Q Series models will also uphold this philosophy, ensuring the evolution of the entire series and the versatility of each model. The MasterBox Q500L takes the Q Series’ signature features and applies them to standard ATX, all in a deceptively small yet robust chassis.

Pricing & Availability

The MasterBox Q500L will be available towards the end of April, for £ 49.99 Inc Vat.


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