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Cooler Master Launches the New CK530 4.1 FPS Keyboard

Cooler Master have announced their latest contribution to the gaming world. That’s right, you saw it here first on Tech For Techs. The new CK530 boasts of being made by gamers for gamers. The gaming community is tired of having keys they don’t need on keyboards. Simply put, they just want the keys they REALLY NEED!

One user of the keyboard who likes to be referred to as R0nTheD0n said “Cooler Master is focusing solely on the FPS gamer with this keyboard. No distractions, no typos, no compromise. Having only WASD on the keyboard allows you to own all of the noobs on the battlefield with only the controls that you need! That’s a 200 IQ play! Add in the mechanical switches and you have insta-win all the Fragfests. Also there is pretty RGB. I highly recommend!”

If you are still not convinced this keyboard is for you, they do make it where you can buy the standard keys on an as needed basis. Most people never use Q, so if you just wanted letters like AEIOU and maybe RSTLNEM or whatever, those maybe purchased separately at a rate of £5 per letter or get all the Vowels and 10 consonants of choice for £65. You also get the option to buy all of the keys as well if you like but really, who needs all of that right?

We are gamers, we don’t need no stinking typos! We just want to relax at the end of the day and have a decent bit of play time. Plain and simple.

Specs: Comes as standard with WASD keys affixed There is an optional space bar that you can clip into place, not that you will need it Included is a key remover just in case you want to eliminate even more keys. Conclusion: This is a first for me. I’ve never seen anything like this in all my time. It is a one of a kind keyboard for sure. Also, it is a limited edition. There is only one and that’s the one we have here at TFT HQ. I know this because it’s April Fool’s Day.

Happy April Fool’s Day from Cooler Master and Tech For Techs! :P


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