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Cooler Master Launches New HAF Flagship Case: HAF 700 EVO

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Cooler Master today launches its newest flagship chassis HAF 700 EVO, introducing ground breaking levels of toolless design within futuristic visual presentation.

Fans of the renowned HAF series will rejoice in the revamped visual design and next gen hardware compatibility of the series’ newest flagship.

High Air Flow, New Age Build

Created in 2008, Cooler Master’s HAF (High Air Flow) series has made its mark in the history of PC DIY as one of the most loved cases on the market to this day. Known for its generous intake, high compatibility and performance oriented design, the HAF series is making a comeback after a long hiatus, with a heart in its origins and an eye on the future.

Staying true to its roots, HAF 700 EVO has been carefully engineered for optimal airflow at stock configuration, allowing systems to run swift and smoothly without requiring additional cooling components. The renowned cooling design of first generation HAF models have been preserved and expanded upon to house to eighteen 120mm fans or up to 480mm radiators, with multiple areas of installation. Its large interior allows installation of up to SSI-EEB motherboards and the largest graphics cards available on the market, with ample clearance remaining for hard drives in an assortment of configurations.

In comparison to first generation HAF cases, HAF 700 EVO places greater focus on improving overall user experience so users can truly appreciate and fully immerse themselves in the joy of PC DIY. Intake Blades crafted from tempered glass offers next gen aesthetics while ensuring efficient cooling. Each HAF 700 EVO comes with a built in LCD assistant: Iris, offering real time system monitoring as well as a futuristic profile, so users can tailor and tweak their build to match their systems’ needs.

Breaking Limits: Evolving Case Standards

Birthed in the age of PC DIY where varying levels of toolless design has become commonplace, HAF 700 EVO rises above the rest by redefining what it means to be a truly toolless chassis. Upgraded with several patent pending designs, HAF 700 EVO allows multifunction brackets, PSU and even the GPU to all be completely installed with one’s bare hands alone, empowering effortless installation and an upgraded user experience. Externally, tempered glass Intake Blades and the Iris LCD centerpiece offer visual stimulation, and an opportunity for enthusiasts to explore self-expression. With the Gen2 ARGB technology utilized, each individual LED can be independently controlled, and Iris can be set to display system statistics or completely customized with personal photos or videos.


The HAF 700 EVO will be available for US$499 MSRP (excluding freight and tariff costs).

UK MSRP: £449.99 inc VAT


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