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Cooler Master Evolves into Industrial Leading SFX Power SupplyBringing The Most Powerful SFX PSU in

Taipei - Taiwan Along with the unveiling of 40 series of RTX graphics cards, Cooler Master is launching V SFX Platinum, the first SFX power supply unit supporting 1100 and 1300 (230V) wattage, as a new era of theATX3.0 and SFX power supply lineup. Coming with the highest powerdensity, 80 PLUS Platinum certification, full-bridge LLC and DC-DC technology, compatibility with both ITX and ATX cases, fullymodular cable management, 100% Japanese capacitors and 10 years warranty, Cooler Master brings a revolution to SFX power supply.

A Revolution to SFX Power Supply Cooler Master pushes the limit to the maximum, releasing the very first SFX power supply supporting 1100 and 1300 wattage, andATX3.0 in the market by components miniaturization and leading thermaltechnology. Cooler Master takes the successor and achieves a milestone in the history of contemporary technology after our first SFX form factor power supply in the market with 850W in 2021.

Full &Flexible Compatibility Designed to fully supportATX3.0 and providebackward compatibility, supporting both RTX 40 and 30 series graphics cards, and alongside with included bracket to support both ITX and ATX cases, the V SFX Platinum offers a PSU with the most complete compatibility.

Quality & Reliability

The V SFX Platinum crafted with the advanced manufacturing capabilities, offering the PSU with solid and reliable quality.Alongside with 100% Japanese Capacitors, the V SFX Platinum is designed with fully modular cabling, which can efficiently reduce clutter, increase airflow, and improve overall efficiency, offering the utmost flexibility when it comes to installation and cable management.

l High PowerDensity

l 80 PLUS PlatinumCertification

l Miniaturized but Solid Components

l Full-bridge LLC and DC-DC Technology

l Fully ModularCable Management

l Fully Support ATX3.0

l Compatible with ITX and ATX cases

l 100% Japanese Capacitors

l 10 Year Warranty Availability and Pricing:

The V SFX Platinum is available in the UK from 27th February (limited quantities) at Scan Computers. More stock will become available in the following weeks.


V 1100 SFX Platinum - £369.99 inc VAT

V 1300 SFX Platinum - £399.99 inc VAT


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