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Cooler Master COSMOS C700M - OUT NOW!

Release Date: 02/10/2018

Dateline City: United Kingdom

Cooler Master launches the COSMOS C700M, the latest addition to the COSMOS series. Known for pushing the limits of Cooler Master’s case technology, new tech, design elements, and features are fused together by a series that represents “Raising the Bar(s)”. The COSMOS C700M is in the highest “Maker” segment, standing at the technological peak of the COSMOS lineup.


Since 2007, the COSMOS line has been revered for its iconic design, premium materials, and its vast build potential. Seen as the ultimate series and having housed some of the most extreme systems, previous generation COSMOS cases have been a community favorite, persistently chosen by pro modders to compete in case mod tournaments. The debut of the COSMOS C700P in 2017 set new standards in modularity, further pushing the limits of PC building and paving the way for the latest release of the COSMOS C700M.

Created to challenge the stereotypical layout of conventional PC cases, the COSMOS C700M further adapts the COSMOS framework to encourage layout experimentation. Taking modularity a step further while having features that stay true to the COSMOS legacy, the COSMOS C700M boasts two curves on the tempered glass side panel and features the series’ iconic aluminum handles.

Expanding Modularity

Both the PSU shroud and the cable covers are expanded in function, with the capability of mounting a reservoir or storage. The PSU shroud of the COSMOS C700M is comprised of two parts: the side that faces the panel and the midplate that sits on top. Each piece serves a different function. The side of the PSU shroud functions for aesthetic presentation, while the top midplate focuses on functionality and mounting options. If the midplate is removed, then the PSU shroud can be used as a cover for the either the front, top, rear, or bottom. If the midplate remains atop the PSU shroud, then a reservoir and/or SSDs can be mounted.

The same versatility is applied to the cable covers included with the COSMOS C700M. The cable covers can mount either a reservoir or SSD and can also be placed on either the PSU or M. Port. Expanding modularity also means improving the experience when exploring new layouts and customizations. To encourage building and rebuilding within the COSMOS C700M, the screws that mount the trays, covers, the PSU shroud, and graphics card bracket are all the same size and thread type so builders do not have to worry about which screw goes where.

  • Highly Versatile Layout – The unique frame design supports a conventional, chimney, inverse layout, or a fully customized layout. The motherboard tray is also removable for installation outside of the chassis.

  • Graphics Card Mounting with Riser Cable – The graphics card bracket can be mounted vertically or horizontally on either the PSU midplate or on the M. Port. The bracket can also be rotated from 0 to 90 degrees. Also included is a 400mm riser cable for the convenience of being able to connect a vertically mounted graphics card to the motherboard.

  • ARGB Lighting – Two parallel strips of addressable RGB lighting run continuously from the top panel to the front panel, with ambient ARGB lighting on the bottom that reflects against the aluminum bars.

  • Extensive Cable Cover System – The 3 included covers can be placed on either the M. Port or on the mid-plate, with the ability to mount SSD storage or a reservoir.

  • Versatile Liquid Cooling Support – A flat radiator bracket design offers more versatility for liquid cooling with the ability to be mounted on the top, front, or bottom of the frame. The two included brackets can each support a 420mm radiator, with the ability to mount fans and a radiator on either side of the bracket.

  • Aluminum Panels & Handles – Brushed aluminum spans the top panel and front panel, with cast aluminum handles (and feet) that provide protection & support for carrying the case.

  • Curved Tempered Glass Side Panel – A panoramic tempered glass side panel, with two curved edges, offer a wide view of the system build. Lighter in comparison to the COSMOS C700P, this panel is also backwards compatible.

  • Rich Connectivity – The advanced I/O panel comes with a 4-Pole headset jack (audio+mic), a standard 3-Pole mic jack, USB 3.1 (Gen 2) Type-C port, four additional USB 3.0 ports, PWM fan speed button, and an addressable RGB control button.

Opening Options for Open Loop

Builders familiar to water cooling know that showing off is all about how the blocks, reservoir, and piping are presented, especially if the graphics card is also water cooled. Aside from the sheer size of the COSMOS C700M to house cooling systems, mounting the graphics card is now more versatile with the included riser cable and unique bracket. The graphics card bracket can be rotated from 0 to 90 degrees to show off a cooling block mounted on the graphics card right out of the box. With the ability to mount the graphics card bracket horizontally or vertically, on the PSU shroud or M. Port, presentation of the system is completely up to the builder.

Advancing Cable Management

Cable management technology inside the COSMOS C700M is inspired by cable management used for server racks. Three cable clips allow cables to be laid in channels and are secured by a pivoting fastening strip. The fastening strip is not only able to tie cables down, but also organizes cables by using channels. For example, since each strip can separate individual cables or groups of cables using the channels, builders can divide the fan cables from component cables on the same strip to immediately know which cables route to which components. The strip also offers the possibility of releasing certain cables while holding others in place for a more efficient upgrading process.

Raising the Bar(s)

The freedom in layout organization and the support for unique graphics card mounting make custom building accessible as soon as the COSMOS C700M is unboxed. The idea is to inspire growth in builders across all levels—since the chassis is only as complex as builders need it to be, there will always be room to creatively experiment. If modders decide to take customization even further, the COSMOS frame allows for sandbox-level versatility. The COSMOS C700M keeps Raising the Bar(s) on custom PC’s by inspiring builders to escape from the “standard” layout.

Pricing & Availability

The COSMOS C700M is available for pre-order now at PC Specialist:

This case is exclusive to our launch partners PC Specialist until the end of 2018.

Normal sales stock will land in the UK in January 2019, with an MSRP of £414.99 inc VAT.

About Cooler Master:

Cooler Master is a global computer components and peripheral company with a 27-year track record in releasing innovative products that truly advance the industry. We are driven by a passion for the things that make building a PC such a unique, rewarding experience, and sustained by a vision that we can reinvent the way these machines are designed, made and used. From our landmark release of the first ever aluminum PC case to our groundbreaking switch to the modular format, Cooler Master is committed to bringing our customers and fans the utmost in choice and control. For more information on Cooler Master, please visit or follow us on


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