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CMS Distribution Announces Partnership with TEAMGROUP

London, UK, Wednesday 21st April 2021:

CMS Distribution is delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new distribution agreement with TEAMGROUP.

TEAMGROUP is a leading memory manufacturer with headquarters based in Taipei Taiwan and have over 20 years of expertise in the R&D development and manufacturing of memory products. They offer a full range of memory and SSD, with a strong focus on their T-Force product line up which is specifically designed for people who desire extreme high-speed and exceptional gaming performance. All TEAMGROUP products are supplied with a lifetime warranty.

CMS Distribution can now offer a full line up of gaming memory tailored to high-performance gamers.

TEAMGROUP’s memory line-up has been well received by the technology media around the globe, resulting in the receipt of multiple honours including the Computex Design & Innovation Awards, TAIWAN EXCELLENCE design award, iF Design Award and RED DOT Design Award.

Jonpaul Warren, PC Components Product Sales Manager at CMS Distribution, said: “We are delighted to announce this partnership with TEAMGROUP. They are a strong brand with a solid portfolio of memory products known throughout the industry. Adding their product range to our growing list of gaming vendors will provide us with a tremendous opportunity to engage across our entire customer base and help to grow TEAMGROUP into new customers and verticals. TEAMGROUP aligns perfectly fit with our growth expectations. We are looking forward to building a fantastic relationship together.”

“Having a partner like CMS is a great deal for us, as we strive to make a great experience for our customers not only with our award-winning products, but with the service that is offered from our distribution partner too. This is a very important part of our way of doing business. We both share our passion for making our customers the primary importance in our business.” adds Gloria Kao, TEAMGROUP Sales Director -EU

About CMS

CMS Distribution is a value-added IT distributor of business and consumer technology products. CMS is a trade only organisation creating global markets for 150+ manufacturers, selling to corporate resellers, managed service providers, and high street and online retailers. CMS Distribution specialises in taking emerging technologies to market, whilst growing established brands using a range of value-added services. With a team of 400+ people and sales of £485m+ in 2020, CMS help customers to grow their businesses across 13 locations in 8 countries including, the UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Sweden, China, Germany, Australia, and the USA.


With over 20 years of computer peripherals production and sales experience, Team Group Inc. has built up a strong centre in Taiwan for production, R&D, sales and customer service. It has subsidiary companies in Hong Kong and Japan and also has over 300 global sales agents with more than 400 employees around the world. Through the real-time market information, and based on each market’s characteristics, TEAMGROUP uses differentiating sales strategies with a global vision and a localized channel management to establish a closed distribution network. Visit


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