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Cherry With A Click - Cherry MW8 Advanced

Cherry MW8 Advanced Mouse Review

RRP £44.00

Available from:

· Exertis

· Westcoast

Don’t you just hate and despise those cheap feeling mice that you have to turn the TV up to hear over? I do!

I’ve had to travel about with my laptop before and despite it having a touch-pad, I sometimes just have to have a mouse. I’ve often tolerated cheap ones bought in the shops that while they did their job, they felt plasticky and they had the loudest click known to man. If you are staying over in a hotel, as I often do, it would disturb your roomie. Today I am looking at the Cherry MW 8 Advanced Mouse. It has a metal surface and mouse wheel. I am intrigued… but can it deliver on being quieter than that piece of rubbish I travelled with this time last year. Find out this and more as you read this edition of TFT.

Some notable features on this mouse are as follows:

· Metal surface and mouse wheel

· Connects via Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz wireless with AES-128 encryption

· High precision sensor with four-level adjustable resolution up to 3,200 DPI

· Works on nearly all surfaces, including glass

· Status LED shows low residual battery charge, charging status and resolution

· Lithium battery can be charged per micro USB

· Extra small nano receiver for wireless operation

· 6 buttons and a scroll wheel

· Transport pouch

Packaging (outside and in)

The box has a high-quality picture on it. They have the logo on the top of the box and while that is better than nothing. I still say it needs to be on the front of the box. Otherwise, it looks good and is not any bigger than most mice boxes you see.

Inside the box there is very little packaging. That’s great! The mouse is covered in a cloth pouch that can be used when you take it around with you in your bag. Practical! Also, inside is your USB charge cable and a manual. Well done Cherry on keeping it environmentally friendly.

The measurements are as follows:

Mouse 10 CM x 6 CM x 3.4 CM

Connector 1.2 CM x 4mm *The part that sticks out of the port will be about .5 CM x 4mm*

Cable 1 M

Sound Test:

Our room with just normal stuff running is about 40.4 Dec

When we drag the mouse on the table it is 50 Dec

When we click the mouse, it is sometimes 46 Dec

The left and right buttons are the loudest but still quieter than a gaming mouse that registers 50 Dec and above. So all in all it is not too bad.

Final Thoughts:

I like this mouse. Some mice are just very plasticky feeling and dare I say, cheap? This one feels good and exudes quality. When you think about it, the cheap and nasty feeling ones run around £20 give or take, I’d rather spend a little more and have something nice. So, in my opinion it is value for money, hands down.

Pros and Cons

+Metal Surface and Wheel +3200 DPI +Connect via Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz wireless + Works on most surfaces including glass +Status LED +6 buttons and wheel +Transport pouch +Eco friendly packaging +Not too clicky sounding

No cons to report

And for this we give them a TFT Highly Recommended


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