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CHERRY MW 8C Mice & CHERY Mousepads

Auerbach, 30. November 2021 – CHERRY, the specialist for computer input devices from Germany, is converting its existing high-end mice and enabling recharging via USB-C. At the same time, the accessories portfolio is being expanded to include mouse pads in two different sizes.


FOUR-LEVEL ADJUSTABLE SENSOR Both the MW 8C ADVANCED and MW 8C ERGO mice have a high-precision sensor that works on almost all surfaces – even glass. There's nothing stopping you from using it, even with 4K monitors. Switching between 600, 1000, 1600, or 3200 dpi resolution levels is effortless with the DPI button. HIGH CAPACITY LITHIUM-ION BATTERY The built-in lithium-ion battery can be recharged using the included USB-C cable. The generous capacity of 550 mAh means that one charge is enough for several weeks of uninterrupted productivity. If the battery does run low, a flashing status LED indicates this in advance. In addition to the battery and charging status, this LED also shows the selected resolution and connection mode. Continuing to work while charging with the included USB-C cable is of course guaranteed. TWO-IN-ONE CONNECTIVITY

With the CHERRY MW 8C ADVANCED and MW 8C ERGO, changing connection type is easy. A switch on the bottom of the mouse lets you toggle back and forth between 2.4 GHz wireless and Bluetooth®.

This offers you the advantage of using the mouse to control a notebook via Bluetooth®, for example, or connecting it to a PC via the 2.4 GHz radio receiver. In both cases, data is transferred with AES-128 encryption. The timeless design of the two mice and the technology used are at the highest level. The surface made of anodized aluminium and also the rubberised side parts with Voronoi pattern ensure an exceptionally good feel. The computer mice also impress with numerous other features and ingenious details. An extra-durable mouse wheel with optical tracking, a magnetic latch for the USB receiver and a transport pouch (included) are just a few of them. In addition, the CHERRY MW 8C ERGO is easy on the wrist with its thumb rest, allowing right-handed users to work ergonomically. These mice are equally suitable for both mobile and stationary applications.

CHERRY MP 1000 & MP 2000:


Whether it’s a question of space or style of use, you can choose just the right pad to suit your needs. The CHERRY MP 2000 PREMIUM MOUSEPAD XXL is a desk pad where the keyboard and mouse get plenty of space.

The CHERRY MP 1000 PREMIUM MOUSEPAD XL, on the other hand, is a classic mouse pad. Both mouse pads are suitable for all mouse sensors, making jumping mouse pointers or even incorrect inputs a thing of the past.

IDEAL PC-EQUIPMENT FOR WORK AND GAMING Its smooth surface allows your mouse to slide fluidly over the mouse pad, and it’s quiet and easy to clean. It’s perfect for spills – you can simply wipe the keyboard and mouse pad dry or clean it by hand. Thanks to its rubberized base, the mat won’t slip off your desk and a special border prevents the mouse pad from fraying. Due to the flexible fabric design, the mouse pads roll up easily for transport.


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