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Cherry DW3000 The No Frills Solution - Cherry DW 3000 Review

RRP £23.00

Available from:



Some people like a no frills approach to the desktop. I, for one, like my desktop to light up like a scene from Christmas Vacation.

But, I digress. Today we are looking at the DW3000 which offers the Cherry brand with a minimalist approach. It has everything you need, nothing more, nothing less. So, let’s get to the unboxing and see exactly what it’s like to use.

The box has a nice picture on it. Shame the logo is not on the front. I will say this until it gets put there. That’s where it belongs. On the front you see the keyboard layout and on the side you can see the side of the keyboard. The pictures are pretty much to scale so you can get a feeling of what the size of the product is without having to take it out of the box prior to purchase. On the back of the box we have the specifications.

Inside we find: The keyboard, mouse, nano receiver, 1 AA battery, 1 AAA battery, manual

The AAA battery goes in the keyboard and the AA in the mouse.

Sound Testing:

Our room decibel level is 44

Keyboard = 47 dec.

Mouse = 48 dec.

This is very quiet as it is only just a few decibels above the average room noise.

I noticed in using the keyboard it was slippy. This is due to the fact that there are rubber grips on the front and the back, however, if you use the feet, you only have rubber grips in the front. They neglected to put any rubber on the feet. Hence it slid around like a kid on a Slip and Slide until I got used to it.

Final thoughts:

Get your logo on the front. Fix the slippy back of the keyboard by putting rubber on the feet. You have made a good product, it just needs a tweak or two. For what it is, it is a good price. I feel like it is great value for money. I’ve seen wireless desktops similar to this for close to £40. So, it really is a good deal.

Pros and Cons:

+You can adjust the height

+ Batteries included

+Looks nice


+Great RRP, you really get good value for money.

-Could do with some grips on the feet so it won’t slide.

-Num Lock and Caps Lock do not have an indicator to say they are engaged.

TFT gives this product Highly Recommended


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