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Capture big time vertical stories with ease. Introducing the new JOBY Vert. Vertical L-Bracket for o

An innovative and adaptable L-Bracket designed to work with JOBY’s extensive range, that gets rid of heavy brackets once and for all.

· Uses a 3K plate technology that works perfectly with the BallHead 3K and GorillaPod® 3K Kit

· Universal ¼-20” mount to fit any tripod plate or head

· Ability to add extra LED or mic with the built-in Cold Shoe Mount

Cassola, August-2021 (EMBARGO DATE 30TH AUGUST) – Aimed for on-the-go vloggers and content creators who want more versatility and better stability when filming vertical content, the new JOBY Vert is an absolute essential for better, more professional-looking content. Designed to take the latest compact mirrorless hardware, it can cope with up to 3kg/6.6lbs of weight with no loss of stability.

Because of its compatibility with so many quality products and the universal fit design of the mount, it provides both vertical and horizontal mounting for a variety of set-ups, as well as connectivity with a wealth of other tripods and heads. It’s perfect for TikTokkers, YouTubers, and anyone who wants to expand their content range to include vertical storytelling.

The entire design works around a 3K plate technology that integrates seamlessly with the BallHead 3K and the award-winning GorillaPod 3K Kit. For content creators who already have this kit in their collection, the new JOBY Vert will slot straight into their current kit bag and is ready to simply grab and go. It weighs just 60g/2.11oz and measures 140mm/5.5” x 67mm/2.63” x 40mm/1.57”, making it incredibly compact and lightweight. To make sure vloggers get the perfect level shot either vertically or horizontally, it even incorporates a spirit level bubble on both plains to ensure professional results every time. The striking black and red color combination is bold and on-trend and ties in with other JOBY products in the range.

The key element with the new JOBY Vert is its exceptional stability, allowing content creators to shoot vertically without having to set the ball head 90 degrees and worrying about the set-up falling over. Because it can take up to 3kg/6.6lbs and is made from immensely strong but lightweight polycarbonates, this versatile little bracket is a world away from the conventional heavyweight vertical L-bracket design. The unique plate connection works effortlessly with the BallHead 3K, while the 1/4 20” screw on the vertical side means the JOBY Vert will also work with other tripod plates.

If a user needs to add an accessory, then it’s incredibly simple to attach almost anything from LED set-ups to mics onto the integrated cold shoe.

The JOBY Vert is a welcome addition to the JOBY family of premium quality products, setting a new benchmark for content creators who want all the versatility of both horizontal and vertical shooting, but without the camera shake!

RRP £18.25.


JOBY – Have Fun. Create.

At JOBY we believe in creation as an act of creativity. Since the very first day, when we were founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, we’ve always designed mounts, cases, lights, stands and grips with a user-centric approach. We’ve always tried to create functional yet playful, innovative yet easy to use products. Today, we keep building our legacy, shaping the content creation world day after day. We’re always there for those who care for what they create, those who always go the extra mile, those who dare to be bold, those who want to leave a mark with their content. And, of course, those who want to have fun along the way. If you're that kind of creator, we stand by you. Because in the end the world is what we make of it, and together we can make it better - one post, vlog, story at a time.

Vitec Imaging Solutions

Vitec Imaging Solutions (VIS) is a division of the Vitec Group, a global provider of products and services for the broadcasting and imaging market. Vitec Imaging Solutions designs, manufactures and distributes high performance, premium branded products, which enable the capture and sharing of exceptional images. With a portfolio that includes nine premium brands - Manfrotto, JOBY, Lowepro, Gitzo, Syrp, Rycote, Colorama, Lastolite by Manfrotto, and Avenger - Vitec Imaging Solutions is the world's leading provider of accessories for the imaging market. In its ten key markets – Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Hong Kong, the United States, Benelux and Australia – VIS is represented by its own direct distribution system, Vitec Imaging Distribution, whereas in 80 other countries sales are handled by independent distributors.


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