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Bargain or Bust - Marvo Gaming Peripherals Review

I am one of the most sceptical people you will ever meet when it comes to trying new things. I tend to be a creature of habit. I know what I like, so I stick to it. I fear change. Why change when you have something that does the job for you? Thus, I have an allegiance to certain brands. Why? Because through the years they have proven themselves time and time again to do what I want, when I want and for the most point, without fail. Well, unless you consider me wearing them out a failure… So, when I was greeted with a new line of gaming peripherals that are exclusive (in the UK) to Target Components, I was a wee bit “concerned”. Here I sit with a big box full of keyboards, mice, and headsets staring at me. I see Phil across the room pondering which one to try first. The outer packaging is catching my eye even as I type asking for a fair chance to redeem itself for me. So, today will be all about getting a bargain for your money, or not. Please watch the video for content on each product.

(prices are correct as of 11/10/19 and Ex VAT)


M112 -

Target Standard Price = £3.92

SRP = £8.33

Markup at SRP = 52.91%

Award = Recomended


Target Standard Price = £8.36

SRP = £12.49

Markup at SRP = 33.08%

Award = Highly Recommended


Target Standard Price = £14.82

SRP = £23.33

Markup at SRP = 36.46%

Award = Highly Recommended



Target Standard Price = £17.13

SRP = £29.16

Markup at SRP = 41.25%

Award = Recommended


Target Standard Price = £7.50

SRP = £12.49

Markup at SRP = 39.96%

Award = Recommended



Target Standard Price = £4.90

SRP = £8.33

Markup at SRP =41.14%

Award = None


Target Standard Price = £11.16

SRP = £19.16

Markup at SRP = 41.75%

Award = None


Target Standard Price = £14.85

SRP = £22.49

Markup at SRP = 33.98%

Award = Recommended



Target Standard Price = £9.98

SRP = £14.99

Markup at SRP = 33.43%

Award = Recommended


Target Standard Price = £13.93

SRP = £8.33

Markup at SRP = 36.34%

Award = None

The headsets that make me cringe. There was one that the sound quality was poor, and then you had the quiet mic one, and then the build quality on the next. Bare in mind that these are made for gamers. Gamers are rough on headsets. They are constantly adjusting them, taking them off, putting them on, slamming them on the table after a loss. I could go on and on. There is no way that these are built for gaming. As for the one with the sound issue, imagine trying to hear on Discord or even listen to some music on it. *insert sounds of nails going down the black board* The mic one was a bit sad in that gamers need to communicate. If not, that can cause a lot of upset. No one is going to care that they did not hear you properly because of your headset. All they care about is that you did not bring your game and you should know better than to have substandard peripherals when playing with the big boys. So for the headsets, it’s a BUST!

As for the keyboards and mice, I find them a Bargain in that they do what they are supposed to for what you pay. However, that does not mean they get a clean sweep. There were issues installing drivers on the KG901 and none of them had manuals that were easy to follow. Some were poorly translated even calling the keyboard a mouse. The kit, CM375,was doing well until the headset came along and let it down. It feels as if Marvo need a lot of work in this area. So no joy for that. Marvo found some redemption in the KM409 with its mouse but needed a few tweaks. All in all for the price though it was OK. The KG901 you get a mechanical keyboard for under £35. Your first thought is “Oh Joy”! While it has some good features such as Anti Ghosting, Macro Keys, etc it is let down by the manual being almost impossible to follow due to poor translation, and yet again the driver issue as we saw before in one of the headsets. Phil aced it in getting it to work for him in the end. Watch the video to see more details.

To sum it up, Marvo have some good and some not good products like any other brand. The higher end stuff seems to be better as with anything. You get what you pay for.

For Pros and Cons see the videos

Scott at Target Components has kindly made some artwork for anyone wanting to use it <-HERE->


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