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ARCTIC, a leading manufacturer of low-noise PC coolers and components, today launched the latest in its well-respected Freezer series of CPU coolers, the Freezer 50 TR. An extremely powerful cooler for AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processors, the ARCTIC Freezer 50 TR is a dual tower CPU cooler with eight heatpipes and two ARCTIC P-fans (for optimal airflow in push-pull configuration). As the first cooler of the Freezer family that comes equipped with Addressable RGB, it combines high performance with striking design.

"With the Freezer 50 TR, the target was simple yet hard to reach: we had to be the best air cooler in the market and be able to cope with the amazing wattage that the Threadripper can pull out,“ said Vincent Andre, Technical Director at ARCTIC. „Countless hours of design, simulation and testing were necessary, but I think we have reached our target. With A-RGB integration, the Freezer 50 TR is not only the most powerful ARCTIC air cooler to date, it‘s also the first ever with lighting effects.”

The large surface of the Freezer 50 TR‘s heat sink, combined with its U-shaped direct touch heatpipes, ensure highly efficient heat dissipation and high cooling performance. The built-in 120 and 140 mm P-fans are optimized for high static pressure and, through their wide speed range, guarantee effective and quiet cooling of all AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processors with 32 or more cores. Even with the largest versions, the contact surface of the radiator completely covers the dies.

But it’s not just the performance that impresses – the design of the Freezer 50 TR, with thirteen autonomously controllable addressable RGB LEDs, is also striking. For ease of use, the system is compatible with the typical A-RGB standards of leading motherboard manufacturers. Consequently, the Freezer 50 TR can be synchronized with the lighting of other hardware components and fully illuminated either directly via the A-RGB mainboard connection or via an external controller. The Freezer 50 TR comes with an optional in-house developed A-RGB controller for users whose motherboards do not have an A-RGB connector. The controller can be freely placed in the housing, allowing for control of the effects and color design via a convenient remote control.


The product is available now on the market and on Amazon at a price of £ 59.99 MSRP. The Freezer 50 TR with A-RGB Controller is expected to be available in early November.

Image material is available for download on the product page and upon request.


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