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Arctic Freeze Sweeping Through!

Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo Review

RRP: £34.99

Available from:



Spire Amazon

If you feel like this is Deja Vu, you would not be far off. A couple of weeks ago we reviewed the little sister of the product we are going to be looking at today.

Last time we looked at the Arctic Freeze 34. Today though we are looking at the eSports Duo model and I have to say, it lives up to its name in looks so far. The product is available in Red, White, Green and Yellow. We have the yellow model here at TFT and I must say, it stands out. They have given us choices in looks unlike some that just throw a fan on and say "here ya go" and you have to roll with it or not. So, by offering the product in different colours you are still in control of what your rig will look like if you are trying to keep to a certain colour scheme. I'm eager to get in the box and have a look, so let's crack on!

For those thinking about stocking it in the retail sector, you will be pleased to know that the box is not very big and it looks quite nice. There is a nice picture on the front and the Arctic logo is in the upper left corner. There is a QR code on the front and you can see the 10 year warranty also on the front. It’s clean looking with a black background.

Inside we found that Arctic have very little waste inside and they used cardboard which is more environmental friendly. The contents of the box are:

QR code card: Scan this and you get your manual. Arctic do this so as to reduce the amount of paper. Thank you Arctic!

Contact card: Basic feedback form

Fittings: Screws, plates etc

Thermal paste

Heatsink and fans (fans attached)


The fan on the cooler is a 120mm with option to Daisy chain. In simple terms, you could add another fan to it if you wanted to. The fan on the cooler is a P Series. What that means to you is it is pressure optimised.

We conducted several tests in different scenarios to see how well this cooler performed alongside the stock cooler and our Thermaltake water cooler. Here are the results.

Test 1 *please note these are all average temps*

Water cooler - idle - 34°C

Water cooler - full - 59°C

Test 2

Freezer 34 (with 1 fan straight from the box) - idle - 34°C

Freezer 34 (with 1 fan straight from the box) - full - 59°C

Test 3

Freezer 34 (with 2 fans) - idle - 32°C

Freezer 34 (with 2 fans) - full - 57°C

Test 4

Freezer 34 NO FANS! - idle - 34°C

Freezer 34 NO FANS! - full - 94°

Test 5

Freezer 34 eSport (2 fans straight from the box) - idle - 31°C

Freezer 34 eSport (2 fans straight from the box) - full - 53° C

Test 6

Intel stock cooler - idle - 60°C

Intel stock cooler - full - 75°C

Looking at the tests results, you can see that the Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo cooled BETTER than our water cooler! It gave its kid sister a run for her money too. However, she managed well for what she was. This cooler not only had the style a gamer wants but the cooling the gamer NEEDS!

Final Thoughts:

I really don't know what to say here. I'm a bit lost for words. This does not happen often. I did not expect it to cool better than a water cooler. I swear by water cooling in the builds I do. I guess when faced with cooling solutions in the future I will be looking to this piece of kit as an option. I'm still amazed.

Pros and Cons:

+Attractive piece of kit

+Comes in multiple colours

+Very little waste in the packing

+The box is attractive on the shelf

+It cools like a dream!

+Easy to install

+Can Daisy Chain

No cons to report

And for this we give it the TFT Gamer's Choice


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