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Cherry and Apple Makes A Sweet Treat

Cherry Strait 3.0 for Mac KB Review

RRP £36.00

Available from:

Today we are looking at the Cherry Strait 3.0 for Mac.

This keyboard has the Mac layout which anyone who has ever worked with a Mac will tell you, is quite different from the Windows keyboard layout. It’s not just the Windows key, but the fact we use Ctrl and Alt and Mac users will use Command and Option as well as Control. The function keys do different things as well. They are used to turn brightness up and down adjust volume, etc. This concludes our Mac tutorial, so now let's look at some noteworthy features of this keyboard:

  • High quality finish for lasting reliability

  • Purist design for the office and living room

  • Durable abrasion proof inscription of keys

  • Ultra-flat keyboard with Mac specific key layout

  • Whisper keystroke: Ideal for everyday work

  • USB connection for Mac

The box has a nice picture of the product on the front, I still say I wish the Cherry logo was on the front of the box.

It says Cherry around the sides and that is all good and well but I like logos to be pride and place on the front of the box. Turn the box over and you can see information in different languages. Now let’s look inside.

Inside the box we see the keyboard in a plastic shell. I do not understand this. Why could it not have been cardboard like the other Cherry keyboards came in? Please, with all of the plastic and waist going in the oceans and filling up our planet, let’s cut back on this kind of thing. Also inside is the manual.

The measurements:

  • Cable: 1.6 m

  • Keyboard 44 cm x 16 cm x 1.7 cm

Sound Testing:

Our room decibel level is 39.1

Regular keys = 45 dec.

Space bar = 55 dec.

We compared this against a mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboard = 70 dec.

So, compared to a mechanical it is pretty quiet. However the space bar is very clicky.

I noticed in using the keyboard it had a slippy feel at times. I was kind of disappointed that Cherry did not include some feet for height adjustment like they did in the DW9000 Slim. There is no way to adjust the height. But with the keys being abrasion proof and the price of the keyboard, you can almost forgive them. Almost!

Final thoughts:

Get your logo on the front, ditch the plastic and include some feet for adjustable height. Fix the slippy back of the keyboard and the clicky spacebar. You have made a good product but it could be so much better. For what it is, it is a good price. I just hope Cherry read my comments and maybe they will come out with another revision of this. It just felt like it needed some tweaking

Pros and Cons:

+The keys are abrasion proof

+Good price considering it is made by Cherry and for Mac

+Space saving

+Works with Windows and Mac

+It has an attractive look

+Made of good quality materials

-Space bar is way too clicky compared to other keys

-The keyboard slips due to no grips near the back

-You can’t adjust the height.

-Plastic shell insert

TFT gives this product Highly Recommended


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