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Arctic - 100% BLACK, 100% PERFORMANCE

ARCTIC expands case fan range

ARCTIC, one of the leading manufacturers of low-noise PC coolers and components, is adding five new variants to its extensive fan lineup. The black case fans complement the F-Series, which is known for an excellent balance of efficient ventilation, quiet operation and affordable pricing. With the F8 PWM Black, F9 PWM PST Black, F12 Silent Black, F12 PWM PST CO Black and the F14 Value Pack Black product variants, some of ARCTIC‘s best-selling standard models are now available in all-black versions. "By producing the black add-on models, we are responding to our customers' requests for PC fans with sleek and classic design" said Vincent Andre, technical director at ARCTIC. The products can be found starting now in the ARCTIC webshop, on Amazon and in retail stores.


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