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Akasa’s OTTO fan series is in an-otter league; the heavy duty fan you never knew was possible!

With a stealthy, silent operation, the OTTO is perfect for IP-68 applications

LONDON, ENGLAND, February 2022 – Akasa, a leading provider of active cooling solutions, has announced the newest additions to their line-up of fans, the OTTO series of IP68 rated 120mm case fans! The OTTO fans take their name from the swift, swimming otters, with the sleek, water resistant fan blades producing a high airflow to help with removing heat and dust from a computer system.

The fans use auto-industry ergonomic design to help smooth out bumps and vibrations that the fans will endure – the patented anti-vibration structure provides a perfect cusion between the mechanical fan blades and the reinforced fibreglass polymer frame. With an IP-68 classification, the OTTO is practically made for heavy-duty and industrial applications, easily able to sustain the harsher conditions in these environments. The removable frame is ideal for the maintenance and ease of cleaning of the computer system, allowing the life-span to be extended with proper care.

The OTTO series features a three-phase motor located within the fan housing, which

provides smoother shifts between the electromagnetic slots, lowering vibrations in the fan and increases its efficiency and longevity. The patented anti-vibration structure along with the included tool-free mounting pins can only mean the most silent operation from a fan – virtually no audible vibrations with Akasa’s OTTO series!

Akasa’s OTTO SC12 has a Sickle-flow blade design, which produces a finely-tuned P-Q

curve for optimising static pressure. This allows more airflow in concentrated spaces, perfect for radiators found in AIO liquid cooling and tower heatsink cooling. Dust and dirt will be unable to settle within these heatsinks, which improves its efficiency and maintenance time.

Akasa’s OTTO SF12 has a S-Flow design, which produces better results when put inside a

PC case. The P-Q curve is more optimised for airflow, pushing more air through the blades makes it perfect for either an intake or exhaust fan for a PC case. This maximises the performance of the fans, and ensures a healthy airflow within the system without

compromising performance.


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