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Day Events

10:00 AM        –  Show Starts

10.15 AM        –  Security AI and Pax8 with Tom Welton

11:00 AM        –  The Power of Marketing with Gaming and Esports (and how it’s no longer a niche) with James Dean

11.45 AM        – Cormac’s TikTok Takeover – Cormac O’Donoghue

12PM – 2PM   – Lunch

2:00 PM           – Battle of The Distributors – Target, Spire, VIP, Pax8

2.45 PM           – Why distribution still means a great deal with Mike Botto  

3.30 PM           – Winning in a 'Cloudified' World: Unleashing the Potential of Technology Retailers with Phylip Morgan

4.30 PM           – Competitions/Prizes



Evening Events from 6PM

Evening Meal
(Evening Ticket holders only!)


Awards Ceremony


Evening Entertainment


Free Bar until 10 PM



Security, AI & Pax8
Time - 10:15 AM
Tom Welton, Solutions Engineer from Pax8 will discuss security & AI in the immediate future and how Pax8 is the best partnership to navigate the coming challenges in addition to the rock-solid platform and marketplace we have today.


The Power of Marketing with Gaming and Esports
(and how it’s no longer a niche)
with James Dean
Time - 11:00 AM


Cormac's TikTok Takeover
Time - 11:45

Get ready for an exhilarating and interactive experience as Cormac takes you on a journey through the world of TikTok, where browsers as we know it are dying and a new era of social media engagement is taking over. In this dynamic, fun-filled presentation, Cormac will share his expert insights on how you can leverage TikTok to drive business growth and reach new heights of success.

"Cormac's TikTok Takeover" is not your average presentation - it's an interactive show that encourages you to use your phones as you explore the endless possibilities of TikTok for business. Be prepared to learn, laugh, and engage with Cormac and your fellow participants as you uncover the secrets of TikTok marketing.

Discover the power of short-form video content, learn how to create viral-worthy posts, and find out how to authentically connect with your target audience. With Cormac's guidance, you'll gain valuable tools and strategies to transform your business and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to join Cormac for an unforgettable TikTok adventure, where the future of business promotion and engagement awaits.


Battle of the Distributors - The Rematch  
Time - 2:00 PM
In this distributor panel, prominent UK distributors compete to demonstrate their excellence. You are welcome to pose any relevant inquiries.  Panellists from Target Components, Spire Technology, VIP Computer and PAX8  (others TBC). 

If interested in taking part please email us at   

Why distribution still means a great deal

Time - 2:45 PM

Mike Botto has been working in IT distribution for 17 years and is currently the Sales & Purchasing Director at Spire Technology

Winning in a 'Cloudified' World: Unleashing the Potential of Technology Retailers

Chief Revenue Officer, Pax8 UK
Time - 3:30 PM

 Join Phylip Morgan, Chief Revenue Officer at Pax8 EMEA, as he presents a dynamic and insightful talk on the promising future of technology retailers. Despite witnessing the disappearance of prominent brands from the high street, Morgan passionately argues that technology retailers have a bright outlook ahead. In this engaging session, he will unveil the winning strategy and execution required to capitalize on the expanding opportunities in the 'cloudified' world. Additionally, Morgan will share three key areas where retailers can assert dominance and outperform their competitors. Don't miss this power-packed session to unlock the immense potential and achieve success in the evolving landscape of technology retail.

Tom Welton - Headshot.png
Cormac_001 (002).jpg
michael botto .png

Evening Entertainment

We are thrilled to announce an exciting addition to this year's Tech MAX event! As part of our evening entertainment line-up, we've arranged a live musical performance by the remarkable talent, Mazz Rhodes.

Known to the world as "Little Girl Big Voice," Mazz Rhodes is all set to grace the stage at Tech MAX 2023. Standing small, she surprises everyone with her powerful voice that fills every corner of the room..

Mazz Rhodes is planning to perform a repertoire of popular music that beautifully spans various decades. Get ready to be enthralled by her renditions of classic hits from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, right up to the chart-toppers of the present day. Her ability to blend nostalgia with modernity is sure to create a magical evening for everyone in attendance.

It's going to be a night filled with nostalgia, timeless music, and tech enthusiasts from around the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to Tech MAX 2023, where the wonders of technology will be coupled with spectacular entertainment.


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