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Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, get updates and share videos.

Group Rules

No controversial off-topic posts

No controversial off-topic posts – You know, stuff like sex, politics, and religion.

Unlicensed Software

No conversation where you admit to or say you use Pirated (unlicensed Software), or any other illegal activities.

No affiliate links

We encourage you to share resources, products, or services that you feel may help other members, but please provide direct links. Affiliation links are allowed by admins only!

No selling or self-promotion

No selling or self-promotion – This includes promoting your own products, services, and events or offering information in exchange for email address or other contact info.

No live videos

No live videos – As admins, we need to watch every video to make sure it’s non-offensive and with live videos it’s very tough to do so.

Be respectful

Be respectful – We’re adults. Members must feel safe to express their insights and ask for help. We will not tolerate rudeness, disrespect, hateful rhetoric, or personal attacks.


Please keep swearing to a minimum as it will reflect badly on the group, its members and you.

Petty things

The Admin do have permission to do live video, and sponsored links, We will not police petty things like people forgetting to say Hi, Bye, Thankyou and please


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  • April 3, 2020


  • Phil Griffiths @ TFT
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