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Syncro is offering TFT members a 30 day trial as well as a $100 gift Card!

Step 1: Complete the form on this page to get started!  (Click Here)
Step 2: Receive a call from our team
Step 3: Create a free 30-day trial at (be sure to use the same email address you used on the form!)
Step 4: Become a Syncro customer
Step 5: Select a $100 gift card of your choosing

The ideal software for Remote Monitoring and Managing,  

Fully Integrated - Syncro’s PSA, RMM, and Remote tools work harmoniously together to streamline your workflow so you have more time to focus on driving business growth.

Built for MSPs - From a powerful PSA to an embedded RMM, slick Remote software, and an MSP-centric Dashboard, Syncro was designed specifically for IT Pros and MSPs.

Intuitive Interface - Get to work faster with a beautiful, intuitive interface that cuts down on ramp up time, creating a higher productivity team.

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PC Image Data Recovery is offering TFT Members a 30% discount on their first Data Recovery. 

  • Offer includes all types of recoveries approved by 30th June.

  • Discount applies to recovery fee only, not parts (if applicable) or destination media.

  • The 30% can be taken as a discount or as a commission payment if you’d like us to deal direct?

  • Book your case in online via our “dealer area” or through and mention “T4T 30% offer” to get the deal.

  • If you’d like us to deal direct and pay a commission to you, then book it in and put the client's contact details in the message box online.

  • Only one 30% discount per member, but a 15% discount will still be available!


We hope that this offer helps you out and that you enjoy the customer service experience with one of the countries longest established DR companies (since 2005!)”

Valid until 30th June 2020


*Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts


ScanCircle computer diagnosis: 33% introduction discount

ScanCircle is the fastest online computer diagnosis in just 10-15 seconds. End-users can easily perform a scan themselves and request the support from local ScanCircle partners. Partners can integrate the scan on their own website and optionally exchange computer specifications and scan history with e.g. PC Repair Tracker, RepairShopr and SyncroMSP. They can also perform their own scans before and after their repairs and show their customers what has been improved. All benefits are explained in the short introduction video on


Use the "tech4techs" reference code or apply directly using this link. There is a 30-day free trial (no credit card required) and subscriptions for 3, 6 or 12 months (no cancellation required). The introduction discount applies to the first subscription period only.


Tech For Tech members will receive a 25% discount on all storage costs with Cloud Dolphin + 12 months free access to Trusted Dolphin


Tech for Tech members will receive a 25% discount on all storage costs with Cloud Dolphin (

We will also include 12 months free access to a Trusted Dolphin,, which is the UK's largest and most up to date directory of IT providers. You will receive a Gold Membership for FREE saving you £8.99 + VAT per month. It includes some pretty exciting growth tools and we are backed by Bytes Software Services, Server Case UK & Bigfoot IT, you will receive discounts on all products and services with these vendors.


We are backed by Bytes Software Services, Server Case UK & Bigfoot-IT.

See Trusted Dolphin & our partner videos:

Contact our office on: 0333 210 0012 or 0333 210 0030 and quote ‘Tech for Techs’ to claim this offer.

Alternatively, email me directly:


Cloud Dolphin are a UK based cloud backup and disaster recovery supplier.

Its a one supplier solution for all backup requirements without having to manage several backup solutions for clients different needs which can be a maintenance headache.


The storage of customer data:

  • Data is only stored in the UK (Nottingham & replicated to London)

  • Data stored on Cloud Dolphin's very own servers (no third parties!)

  • Fully encrypted - 256 bit encryption prior to transfer

  • All data centres are ISO certified

The system is also able to:

  • Backup unlimited PC's, Laptops & Servers (we don't charge for standard devices)

  • Fully customise your policies, bandwidth rules, GUI and schedules

  • Spin up virtual machines from your backup source

  • Manage and change customer backup requirements from within your partner portal

  • Run Cloud to Cloud backups directly from your partner portal (Dropbox, OneDrive, O365)

  • Set incremental, differential and full backups that require no daily management from you or your customers


Like everything else we do we keep our pricing simple!

  • You can buy space in increments (250GB, 500GB increments etc)

  • Unlimited device licences so you can backup all of your customers

  • Simple fixed billing so you know what you're paying

  • Grace period for any over usage so you don't get any surprise bills

  • Free support and software upgrades forever

  • Free transition period to allow you to move your customers over to the new platform so you don't have to pay two bills

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Malwarebytes – Five Free MB3s!  

From products like Malwarebytes and Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection to utilities like AdwCleaner, Malwarebytes provides the malware-crushing technology you and your clients have been looking for.

For members of Tech for Techs® who join Malwarebytes Techbench, they will receive five (5) resellable licenses of Malwarebytes 3 – for free! Simply send an email to after submitting your application - APPLY HERE!


Eurosoft (UK) Ltd, offers progressive PC diagnostic software, enabling PC building and repair services to quickly solve hardware testing issues, giving you reliable answers - not just trendy system information pass-marks.


The discount code is tech4tech and Gives a discount of 20%  Pc-Check® UEFI and Pc-Check® Windows,

The discount is 20%, a Facebook like would be highly appreciated (
Bundles get 10% Discount, use tech4techbundle

10% off ZeroDate use code tech4techerase

Enter the code in the promotions field on the shopping cart page before clicking the proceed to check out button, the discount code. If code says expired please ask in group and we will ask them to renew the discount code.

Discount codes

  • tech4tech 20% of single packages

  • tech4techbundle 10% off Eurosoft Test Expert Bundles and Eurosoft Test Expert Erasure Bundles

  • tech4techerase 10% off ZeroData Windows Year-1


 Tech For Techs - Member exclusive offer.


On the Payment screen enter discount coupon code TECH4TECHS


What is Fab's?

You will find here Fab's AutoBackup. Fab's Autobackup is a handy application, designed to make your data backups and migrations much easier. It allows users to choose what to back up from their Windows system (documents, music, videos, emails, browser settings) with simple check boxes and paths fields. After the format, Fab's AutoBackup can restore all the files back to where they should be.

Go to to buy it, On the Payment screen enter discount coupon code TECH4TECHS

Tech For Techs - Member exclusive offer-


RepairShopr - 14-day Free Trial plus 1 month free (New Customers Only)

What is RepairShopr?

All-in-one platform for repair shops and more.
One-Man Army? Full-Service Shop? Cell Phone Repair Shop? Multiple Locations? We Have You Covered! 

Increase Shop Efficiency with RepairShopr's Workflow

Build Customer Relationships with Integrated Communication Tools

Create Repeat Business and Attract New Customers with Leads and Marketing Tools

To get the discount for RepairShopr you can contact with discount code "techfortechs

Tech For Techs - Member exclusive offer-


TechSuite - 10% off for 1 year any Plan (New Customers Only)


What is TechSuite?
Automate Your Computer Repair Process.

All of your computer repair tools in one place. Automated.

TechSuite includes all the repair tools you need in one application. Simply select any number of automated tools, run them all with no interaction required, then review a detailed report of everything that just happened.

To get the discount for TechSuite you can contact with discount code "techfortechs

Tech For Techs - Member exclusive offer-


Kabuto - 15% off any Kabuto Base Plan (New Customers Only)

What is Kabuto?

Kabuto is a customer-facing application that:

1) Monitors a device's overall health. If and when an issue is detected, it...
2) Generates a branded alert that provides the user with the option to contact you.

Kabuto updates silently and can be managed remotely from your online dashboard. You can also add Security and remote monitoring to customers computers.

To get the discount for Kabuto you can contact with discount code "techfortechs