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Today we spoke to Gary Ward at Recycle Your Tec abut how they can help with your recycling needs.


Tell us about Recycle Your Tec history and how it started...

Recycle Your Tec started in June 2018 when I came on board with ALM Wholesale LTD, the sole purpose at the time of me coming on board was to start the Recycling platform due to my prior experience in this role with another Recycler.


Our aim is providing first class services to business, schools and charities when it comes to recycling their redundant IT. We provide secure and ethical data wiping/recycling and hold the right certifications all in accordance with the current GDPR, NCSCS and Environmental Agency guidelines.


We donate back a percentage of the value recovered from the items recycled to the customer if possible whilst also providing collections completely free for schools and charities. 

What services do you offer?

At Recycle Your Tec we can recycle your redundant computer systems for free, complying with the strict information security and environmental standards in the I.T recycling industry.

Computer system recycling is an important part of The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE); a governmental initiative designed to reduce the amounts of waste reaching landfill. Recycling your laptop / computer is one of the most important aspects of the directive as:

  • Systems contain toxic materials & substances deemed unsuitable for landfill.

  • The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) has been brought it to tackle landfill pollution.

  • Computer system recycling is the dismantling and/or raw material recycling of laptop parts. Nothing goes to landfill, and nothing is incinerated in the process.


We also provide services for data wiping, crushing, personal and business recycling, full information on this can be found on our website.


Tell us About the RYT Team and how they are willing to help independent stores.

I head up Recycle Your Tec and I’m supported by Sam (ALM Wholesale, MD), Cameron our warehouse manager and the team in the warehouse.  


Our service allows the independent store to white label our services to their business support customers, which the store can charge for whilst we collect for free.


Our sole purpose when dealing with anyone is to ensure that all your items are securely collected, wiped and where needed disposed of.


While most recyclers will pick and choose what items they accept, RYT are happy to assist you with any additional technology items when recycled with laptops or desktops PCS.


What makes your products different?

We provide completely free recycling to over 30 schools which in our industry is unheard of. A lot of recyclers feel there is no value in the school’s equipment and so charge them for the service or flat out decline. Where we help the schools for free, we are benefiting the children and taxpayer by extending the schools financial budget.


While we don’t sell any products, we feel our service and ability to support the smallest to the largest of organisations is all helping the environment.

No matter the size of what’s required for recycling, we will accept and support the business to the best of our ability.


What are your future plans?

We’re looking to employ another 2 apprentices over the next few weeks to help us with our brand awareness campaign.


But our main aim is to continue to support all business, schools and charities no matter the size with their recycling of WEEE related items.


If someone wanted Point of sales materials, who would they contact?


Do you have any exclusive discounts or offers for Tech For Techs Members 

Our service allows the independent store to white label our services to their business support customers, which the store can charge for whilst we collect for free. This is the company making money but not doing any work as we have all of it covered. We only ask for detailed list of what needs to be collected and in order for the service to be free we ask that the items hold some value so we can benefit the charities, schools and look to improve the growth of Recycle Your Tec.


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