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Ways to make your Shop Frontage look fab!

Your shop front - your windows and signs - is one of the key ways to attract customers to you. Make sure it's clean and tidy, bright and welcoming. If you get noticed for the right reasons, people want to come inside.

A scruffy, unappealing shop front will achieve the opposite. It'll put off passers-by. The same applies to your immediate surroundings. If you've pathways, pavements, car-parking etc outside your shop, make sure you keep it clean and tidy, free of weeds etc.

You're a specialist shop providing quality expert services. People should be able to trust your professionalism. Make it look like you're one.


Design signs so they pop and grab attention. Design them so they're conspicuous. Make certain they clearly state what you do. Scrimping on signs is a false economy - cheap, unprofessional signs creates entirely the wrong impression of you. A-Boards are a good and inexpensive way to draw attention.

Shop Window

Your shop window is your best opportunity to attract passers-by in - it's what the window is for. You won't be able to display your entire range in it (nor should you want to), but you can and should use it to tempt as well as give an overall impression of what you do. Your most attractive and interesting products should be on display.

Refresh your window display regularly. Regular passers-by'll soon get bored with the same display, and out of date, dusty stuff certainly won't entice them in. Regularly rearranging your window sends a message - you care, you've got new stuff to show off. It's evidence you're a well organised, professional retail shop in-tune with the rapidly changing world of tech.


Posters can be an effective way of getting messages across to customers. They're also a good way to brighten up your shop, but be wary of over-doing it!

Make sure any posters and notices are large, clear, well worded, up-to-date and relevant. They'll create an impression of your business - make sure it's the professional one you want. Something you've just knocked up on your black and white printer probably won't cut it!

Every notice or poster displayed must have a purpose. And you should be able to measure its success. If a poster isn't achieving much, replace it with something that likely will. Or remove it completely.

Don't have too many posters / notices in your window. Your frontage can quickly look cluttered and untidy. Keep it so passers-by can see what's in the window. Don't make it so the interior looks dark and dingy.

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