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VIP UK are pleased to announce a distribution agreement with renowned gaming brand Mad Catz®. Mad Catz is the global manufacturer of iconic, interactive gaming hardware, designed to appeal to passionate gamers globally. Mad Catz will be joining VIP’s established gaming line-up, enhancing our portfolio and offering customers access to the award-winning Mad Catz line-up featuring Gaming Mice, Headsets, Keyboards and Gaming Surfaces.

We are very excited to bring the world’s most adjustable PC mice, the reborn Mad Catz R.A.T.™ which delivers unrivalled design, precision and comfort to PC gamers. The R.A.T. mice will be available to ship soon alongside an all new range of gaming peripherals. Mad Catz have always been known for their unique design philosophy and utilisation of cutting edge tech, with a host of new upgrades and modifications we invite you to get in touch and experience the unadulterated pleasure of products showcasing flawless precision, fully customisable options, RGB intelligent lighting and so much more.

Greg Michell, Gaming Product Manager at VIP UK, commented: “I couldn’t be more excited to add Mad Catz to our gaming portfolio. Not only are VIP leading the charge with the brand in the UK but the iconic range of R.A.T. mice offers new levels of adjustability whilst the RGB gaming keyboards reach new price points. The S.T.R.I.K.E. 2 Chameleon RGB keyboard comes in at only £49.99.”


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