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TD500 Mesh V2 & GEM: Cooler Master’s best-selling case refreshed and the new anywhere utility device

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – The TD series has been one of Cooler Master’s most successful case series since its launch in 2018.

Maintaining the original version’s intricate geometric design, TD500 Mesh V2 offers both functionality and style to match the needs of the modern-day PC gamer.

Most notable for its unique three-dimensional front panel paired with 120mm ARGB fans, TD cases yield an ever-changing light effect that shifts based on the angle viewed.

Diamond cut etchings span across the surface of the tempered glass side panel, enhancing the geometric theme. The TD500 Mesh V2 not only preserves this one-of-a-kind design, but also enhances the chassis’ functional features, including thicker radiator compatibility for unbeatable thermal performance. USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C connectivity has been added to empower lightning-fast transfer speeds, as well as repositionable PSU shroud cover so users can freely decide whether they would like to showcase their PSU.

Polygonal Mesh – Crafted from Cooler Master’s Fine Mesh technology, Polygonal Mesh features a three-dimensional contour and is also capable of simultaneously providing high airflow and dust filtration.

Triple ARGB Fans – Three addressable RGB fans flood the Polygonal Mesh front panel with lighting while providing considerable airflow to the system.

USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C Support – USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type C port built into the I/O panel allows multi-purpose, streamlined data transmission.

Versatile Cooling Options – Support for up to seven 120mm fans and 360mm front and top radiator support ensure that performance is not compromised.

Tool-Free Crystalline TG Side Panel – A crystalline design spans the edges of the tempered glass side panel, completely toolless for quick access to the internals. An optional screw can be installed to further secure the tempered glass side panel.

PSU Shroud with Removable Cover - TD500 Mesh V2’s removable PSU cover allows users to freely showcase unique PSU designs or keep PSUs hidden for a stealthier aesthetic. When not in use, the PSU cover can be stored on the motherboard tray for easy safekeeping.

Removable Top Panel – The top panel is entirely removable for improved access to the components during assembly. Ease of use also facilitates the mounting of cooling solutions such as fans and radiators.

- MasterAccessory GEM

The MasterAccessory GEM is designed to enhance your gaming setup, specifically for use with the Cooler Master cases, like TD500 Mesh V2.

The GEM is sold separately from the TD500 chassis, allowing you to customize your gaming space to fit your specific needs and preferences.

This versatile accessory adds functional storage and organization to your system, offering a convenient place to store and display your gaming peripherals.

Out With the Mess, in With the Fun

Your favourite game is blown up on your monitor calling your name. You take a step forward, then freeze in terror at the sight of a dark, tangled, gnarly mess of cables and scattered peripherals on your desk. A wave of frustration engulfs you, and suddenly gaming doesn’t feel so appealing anymore.

We’ve all been there. Keeping your gaming desk as clean and tidy as possible can be a real chore, but with the Gem, staying organized can be effortless. Gem features a single arm with a robust steel core, empowering it to hold up to 5 times its own weight—that’s up to 2 kilograms in peripherals! Simply mount the Gem onto your chassis to keep all your favourite gaming equipment together in one place. All contact points have been covered in soft rubber to protect your headsets, game pads, or even mobile phones from scratches. Built-in cable ducts allow for streamlined cable management, locking in headers to allow for simultaneous charging of wired or wireless devices.

Anywhere, Everywhere

Gem’s unique approach to mounting solutions make it virtually unlimited in surfaces it can attach itself to. Built-in magnets combined with soft protective padding sturdily mounts Gem onto various magnetic surfaces without ever slipping or leaving scratches on your prized setup. Want to store your headset on tempered glass or acrylic surfaces of your chassis? Not to fear! Utilizing Cooler Master’s unique SandwichTech structure, Gem can be effectively mounted onto various non-magnetic materials up to 4mm in thickness. This method of mounting can also be used to secure Gem onto magnetic materials such as mesh which may need additional reinforcement. Of course, there’s also the option to add double sided tape (not included) to unlock an ever wider range of compatibility and creative use.

Small Yet Mighty

It’s hard to imagine that an accessory so small can make such a large difference to your gaming setup, but one you give Gem a try you’ll find it hard to go back. With Gem in your hand, easily transform your favorite PC case into a storage system that grows to meet your expanding tastes, wants, and needs


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