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Rescuing Lost Bytes: A Deep Dive into EADR's Journey of Data Recovery Excellence

In the competitive tech landscape, a company's success is often determined by its ability to continually innovate, adapt to changing demands, and deliver outstanding customer service. One such company that has established a reputation for its reliable service and innovative approach is East Anglian Data Recovery Services (EADR), a UK-based firm specialising in data recovery.

Originating as a regional solution for both tech providers and end users in East Anglia, EADR was founded by Alison and Steve Cook who saw a need for a more approachable and affordable data recovery solution. EADR has since transcended its geographical boundaries, serving an impressive clientele that spans across the UK and into Europe. Their services cover a broad spectrum, including the recovery of data from various devices such as hard drives, SSDs, flash drives, and RAID-based Systems.

What sets EADR apart is not only their extensive range of data recovery services but also their continued dedication to innovation and customer service. This dedication has earned them multiple Tech for Techs awards, confirming their status as a leader in the industry. Today, we are thrilled to interview the Directors of EADR to learn more about their journey, their services, and their vision for the future of data recovery. Tell us about your history and how your business started.

Whilst working in the computer repair and maintenance industry for almost 20 years, we had been involved in recovering data from client devices at software/technician level. Initially, specialist data recovery was a service mostly directed to businesses who suffered data loss, as costs were often prohibitive to domestic users. As more and more home users and small business owners were starting to store larger amounts of personal/business data the landscape changed somewhat, we knew there was scope to provide a service which was more accessible to everyone and so we decided to focus on the data recovery side full time; and EADR was born in 2010.

2) What products and services do you offer?

We are a specialist data recovery company, we work with both home users and trade clients who wish to recover important data from failed storage devices such as hard drives, USB, Servers, RAID, SSD, NAS and more.

3) Tell us about your team and how you stand out from your competition.

Our team is small (but perfectly formed!). Customer service is paramount, and we provide a tailored quotation to all clients whether they are in the IT industry or are home/business users who have come to us directly. It has earned us a reputation for being a trustworthy Outsource partner; having been on the other end of computer repairs we try to make things as easy as possible. We work very transparently with our clients, providing ballpark figures from the outset rather than a blanket “one size fits all” charging structure, backed by our No recovery, no fee policy.

Not only can trade clients white label/resell our service, we also provide a “done for you” referral scheme which takes the stress and admin away from busy IT business owners. It’s just a case of filling in a short form on the website and we take care of the rest.

4) What are your thoughts on the Tech For Techs Community and the services we offer including Tech Max?

The Tech for Techs community is a fabulous place; it allows independent IT business owners from various sectors to convene, discuss, trouble shoot and solve problems together. Not only that, for smaller businesses and owners that work remotely to have a sense of belonging and know there is a space for them to talk. We celebrate successes together and support one another, providing advice and guidance from those who have “been there”. We’re proud to be a part of the group.

The Tech Talks are a break away from the normal style of podcasting; having a show that we can tune into for specific topics of interest, sharing views and ideas, gaining knowledge and insight, is invaluable.

Tech Max itself is a great event, where suppliers, vendors and independent business owners get together and showcase their products and services. We have taken part in the show both times and it has been beneficial to chat in person to clients and prospective clients. The networking opportunities are what makes these events worthwhile.

5) What advice would you give to another tech business that is just starting up?

Do your research - aim to win clients from your great reputation and for offering the best and most personal service you can, rather than cutting your prices. There will always be someone willing to do it cheaper, remember why you started your business and stick to your ethos. If you’re good at one thing and not so good at others, find trusted people to outsource those bits too – it frees up time and removes the stress.

6) What are your best-selling products and services?

I’d say our most popular services are for hard drives and flash drives, using the referral service.

7) What are your future plans?

We’re working on a dedicated trade portal which should be live in the next few weeks; as a business we are constantly looking at ways to improve so we can make things even better for our clients.

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EADR (East Anglian Data Recovery Services Ltd)

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Dereham, Norfolk

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