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NZXT Announces the Capsule Mini USB Microphone and Boom Arm Mini

April 4, 2023 Los Angeles CA – NZXT, a leader in PC gaming hardware and services, today announces miniature versions of their Capsule USB microphone and boom arm, the Capsule Mini and Boom Arm Mini.

The Capsule Mini caters to those who require a compact USB microphone for their setup that delivers exceptional audio quality. Its internal capsule is tuned to enhance speech in gaming environments and is coupled with impressive analog to digital 24-bit/48khz resolution that ensures vocal clarity during gameplay. In addition, it uses a unidirectional cardioid polar pattern to keep unwanted background noise such as clicks from a mechanical keyboard to ensure that your voice is the main focus while you are talking.

Like the Capsule Mini, the Boom Arm Mini is optimized for extra space for your gaming setup. Boom Arm Mini helps maximize desk space thanks to its small, foldable form factor. Smooth-moving arms make quiet adjustments while hidden cable management helps organize your desktop. The Boom Arm Mini has a sleek uniform look with hidden springs and sturdy construction that enables silent operation right out of the box. Make switching mics easy for all both Capsule and Capsule Mini.

Features of the Capsule Mini

Fun Size Plug-and-Play

Make epic callouts in 24-bit high resolution and plug-and-play simplicity to make streaming seamless in a compact form factor.

Clear Sound

Incredible analog-to-digital conversion ensures your voice will be the clearest in the lobby.

Designed for Gamers

Capsule Mini is designed to block out unwanted background noise using a unidirectional cardioid polar pattern. The internal capsule is tuned for speech in a gaming environment, optimizing vocal clarity while you're in the game.

Colors: White and Black

Capsule Mini MSRP: $69.99/£59.99

Boom Arm Mini MSRP: $69.99/£59.99

Availability: At Amazon now, additional retailers coming soon


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