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Introducing The New W320TN From Edifier

True Wireless Adaptive Noise Cancellation Earbuds with AI Multimodal Adaptive System, Hi Res sound, 27.5 hours battery life and a new open fit design for an ultra-comfortable fit.

Edifier® International, prominent designer and award-winning manufacturer of consumer audio electronics for both the lifestyle and multimedia markets, announces the W320TN True Wireless Noise Cancellation Earbuds.

The Edifier W320TN earbuds feature an advanced AI Multimodal Adaptive System that employs a combination of various sounds and algorithms to provide users with top notch noise cancellation, superior sound quality and clear calling capabilities. With these earbuds, users can enjoy an immersive experience with no distracting ambient noise and make and take calls with ease thanks to the advanced noise cancellation technologies. The earbuds also come with multiple modes that allow users to customize their audio experiences with the Edifier Connect App.

The Edifier W320TN introduces an AI Multimodal Adaptive System which combines multiple sounds and algorithms to ensure that users have the strongest noise cancellation, the best sound quality and the clearest calls. The W320TN creates an appropriate depth of noise reduction. Air leakage was identified as the issue impacting sound quality and immersive experiences in earphones. Through careful testing and analysis, parameters were set to balance perception of the real world with the desired immersive environment. This leads to improved sound quality and a more satisfying user experience.

The W320TN is equipped with LDAC audio encoding and decoding, with a sampling rate of 96kHz/24 bit. They also transmit 3 times the music details when compared to other earbuds, avoiding sound loss during transmission. With Hi Res Wireless certification, it possesses the ability to decode and restore audio accurately, thereby presenting the subtle changes in sound quality with clarity.

Crystal clear voice calls can be experienced with advanced technology featuring 3 + 3 microphones and AI Adaptive Environmental Noise Cancellation. Say goodbye to background noise and enjoy uninterrupted conversations with family and friends. This feature ensures that users will be heard loud and clear, no matter where they are, allowing users to stay connected with confidence and clarity.

The Edifier W320TN has a long battery life. For just 10 minutes of charge, users will get an hour of use. With ANC on, playtime will be 3.5 hours for the earbuds and 14 hours with the charging case whilst with ANC off there will be 5.5 hours playtime for the earbuds and 22 hours with the charging case.

The W320TN features an open fit design. The earbuds are ergonomic and fit snugly into the ear without causing any pressure on the actual ear. The built in infra-red wearing detection sensor intelligently knows the wearing status – keeping noise cancellation on and playing music when the earbuds are put into the ear and pausing noise cancellation and music when the buds are taken out of the ears. The W320TN can be connected to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously for fast switching between devices. With Google Fast Pair, the W320TN can quickly and effortlessly pair with your Android device under Bluetooth.

With a low latency of 80ms in game mode, users are able to master a variety of mobile games. Audio and video synchronisation secures victory for players by guiding them to accurately identify the position of enemies. The IP54 rating (dust- and splash-proof) means that users can go to the gym or an exercise class without worrying about perspiration during exercise.

Main Features:

· Long Battery Life. Playtime with ANC off is 5.5 hours plus 22 hours with the charging case.

· Open Fit & light weight design - reducing the pressure you may feel.

· Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation automatically offers the most suitable noise cancellation mode., The ANC mode can also be adjusted manually using the Edifier app.

· Hi Resolution Sound provided by larger 13mm dynamic drivers plus LDAC codec and Hi-Res Audio Wireless.

· Crystal clear call quality identifies voices and filters out disruptive noise.

· Wear Detection - Music will play / pause automatically.

Price & Availability:

The W320TN is available at £99.99 from


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