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Introducing the Edifier WH500 Wireless On Ear Headphones.

Featuring fast charging, affordability, up to 40 hours music playtime and the Edifier Connect APP for personalising EQ settings and various music modes.

Edifier, the forward-thinking audio-technology brand, have announced the release of a brand new wireless on ear headphone, the WH500, which continues the brand’s outstanding record for affordable but premium quality audio products.

The Edifier WH500 guarantees you a wonderful audio journey with the small yet powerful 30mm composite dynamic driver (PU+PEEK). It accurately presents pure and clear audio for all kinds of music through well-tuned transitions from clear treble, and full mid-range to strong bass. From Punk Rock to Electronic Music and Classical - every genre is catered for.

With built-in microphones and advanced audio signal processing, the headphones can accurately differentiate environmental noise from the human voice and pick up sound precisely even in noisy environments. Experience a clear hands-free call in a wide range of environments. No distortions to interrupt your business calls or your best music tracks.

The multifunctional button on the headphones is designed to help you to switch quickly between Music Mode and Game Mode with just one press.The Music Mode enhances every music listening session, while the Game Mode is complete with an ultra-low latency of 80ms. This allows you to experience smoother, faster, and more immersive gameplay.

The latest Bluetooth 5.2 allows you to switch from one device to another. Efficiently multitask between watching a movie on your laptop and taking a phone call in seconds.

A fully charged battery will give you 40 hours of nonstop playback time, while a 10-minute fast charge will provide you with an additional 6 hours of playback time. Listen to your favourite playlists all day long without worrying about charge levels.

Designed to keep up to speed with the modern individual, changing from one music genre to another, the WH500 are compatible with the Edifier Connect APP – giving smart phone users the option to customise their EQ pre-sets (Classic or Dynamic) to suit your listening preferences. You can also personalize your audio experience with the adjustable EQ feature.

Manage your music time using the shutdown timer feature in the Edifier Connect App. You can set it to 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 3 hours. Easily conserve energy while you listen to your favorite bedtime podcast without waking up to switch it off.

The Edifier safe volume control is now available in the Edifier Connect APP. After enabling Safe Volume, the maximum volume limitation is up to 85dB. Therefore, you can enjoy your music without worrying about hearing damage.

Finally, the WH500 is designed with a trendy and colorful appearance that oozes personality and style. Its compact size and collapsible design make it portable and convenient to use.

Once again, Edifier have provided a highly competitive option for audio lovers on a budget and adds to Edifier’s groundbreaking range of consumer audio products.

Main Features:

· Personalize EQ and select various music modes via Edifier Connect APP.

· 2hrs fully charged for 40hrs music playtime.

· Fast charging: 6hrs playback in just 10mins.

· 30mm dynamic driver

· Double protection for safe hearing: Volume less than 85dB and a cut off timer

· Foldable and lightweight design. Ideal for daily use and travel.

· Trendy color options for users to match their style

Price & Availability: The WH500 will be available at £44.99 from


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