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EnGenius Reveals Industry-First Truly Scalable Cloud Network Management Solution

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, May 1st, 2019 -- EnGenius Networks Europe B.V., a high-profile multinational wireless networking company, known for delivering future-proof hardware and software solutions for small and medium businesses for over two decades, today announced EnGenius Cloud. The latest service from the networking solutions expert utilizes cutting-edge cloud computing technology for its first cloud-based wireless network management solution for small and medium-sized companies. With the newest addition to the company’s ever-growing portfolio of networking solutions, IT administrators from all over the world will be able to plan and deploy thousands of sophisticated networks in minutes.

The EnGenius Cloud is built upon a true cloud solution – it has the foundation of the most advanced cloud computing technology known to the industry and operates on a completely serverless infrastructure model using FaaS that works in microseconds and offers proven scalability. Truly scalable and AI-ready, the robust and dynamic cloud computing infrastructure does not have limitations on managed devices per site and maintains high-performance and reliability even when the maximum number of devices is reached. It is powerful enough to simultaneously control and monitor up to 100,000 access points and switches under one account.

The EnGenius Cloud has multiple levels of security. The management plane is separated using two-factor authentication (TFA) secure tunnel for complete link security from the customer’s data plane. In addition EnGenius has implemented an advanced Multi-Tenant cloud infrastructure to further protect management and user data. Customers now have a secure and scalable cloud solution that will deliver guaranteed uptime of 99.99% SLA.

EnGenius not only designed a next-generation cloud solution that is inherently scalable, but they are introducing new AI-driven features and visual tools that will pave the way for future Cloud developments. The EnGenius Cloud AI-based Advisory Feature will diagnose the network, pinpoint issues, and provide guidance to network administrators with potential resolutions. EnGenius also integrates their award-winning ezWifi Planner tool to further complement the cloud solution with real-time Wi-Fi designing. EnGenius takes it a step further by offering unique to the industry Multi-Tenant and Topology View to give network administrators the ability to assign different onsite privileges by user and location and automatically map network deployments and displays device relationship on the go. EnGenius’s cutting-edge cloud solution will come compatible with next-generation 11ax and 11ac access points and gigabit switches. EnGenius Cloud is a subscription-free network management platform that gives IT professionals the ability to accelerate Access Point and Gigabit switch deployments more accurately, simply and quickly administer networks at their fingertips, and provide real-time designing, planning, and management from a single dashboard. EnGenius Cloud offers 24/7 access to comprehensive visual tools that provide a high-level view of EnGenius networks down to the most granular insights for more thorough troubleshooting. By simplifying the processes for troubleshooting, multiple remote site management, firmware, and security updates, the new EnGenius Cloud decreases truck-rolls and brings WiFi sophisticated network management and site survey tools to the hands of the customer.

"EnGenius Cloud elevates our company above the competition and completes our network management solution," states Sherry Wei, regional general manager at EnGenius Networks Europe B.V. "Our team’s hard work and dedication over the years made it possible to develop a subscription-free network management solution with practical insights able to meet the complex and demanding needs of SMBs wanting to take advantage of the convenience offered by the latest technology. The long-awaited EnGenius Cloud solution is the foundation that we needed to continue paving the way of wireless networking management for small and medium-sized businesses." EnGenius begins the global launch of the EnGenius Cloud Solution by hosting an exclusive product-preview party in Italy later in May followed by locations in the U.S. and Asia. The EnGenius Cloud Launch & Partner Summit event will formally introduce the next-generation EnGenius Cloud and will mark the 20-year anniversary of EnGenius. The all-day event will take place on Friday, May 24th, 2019 from 9:30am - 5:00pm in the Barceló Hotel located at Via Giorgio Stephenson, 55, 20157 Milano MI, Italy. The final product will officially become available to partners in early June 2019. To learn more about how EnGenius builds the future of cloud managed wireless networking, visit: About EnGenius Networks Europe B.V. EnGenius Networks is an international manufacturer of innovative network solutions for companies and is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. The company was founded in 2006 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Senao Networks Inc. and today has numerous offices on almost every continent. EnGenius offers an end-to-end solution - a comprehensive network deployment from start to finish with hardware and software products, including Ethernet switches, in- & outdoor access points and hybrid access points with built-in IP cameras. EnGenius B2B solutions are used worldwide by department stores, cafes, airports, hotels, hospitals, event locations, resorts, museums and universities. EnGenius' mission is to provide best-in-class data solutions that promote mobility, increase productivity and are easy to use. We believe that connectivity should go hand in hand with reliability, rich features and personalized service, while remaining affordable.


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