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Nelson, New Zealand, Nov. 2022, Emsisoft announced the launch of two new

shared success programs specifically designed to help partners increase their revenues.

Revenue Share Program Starting November 1st, partners will be credited with a 25% share of any money their customers spend on license renewals in Emsisoft’s online store. In other words, partners will generate income should a customer renew their subscription directly with Emsisoft rather than the partner. The 25% revenue share is credited each and every time the customer renews their l icense, for the duration of the partnership. “Unlike some vendors, we don t compete with our partners, and the new Revenue Share Program underlines our commitment to the channel, said Davlat Aminov, head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. Partner Referral Program If new partners are referred to Emsisoft by existing partners, the referring partner will be credited with 5% of their orders and their customers renewals. As with the revenue share, this will not be a one off payment, but rather a recurring revenue stream for the duration of the partnership.

The credits from both programs can be used to buy Emsisoft licenses for resale or, once at $1,000 USD or more has been accrued, cashed out and deposited directly into partners’ bank accounts.

“We have very high customer satisfaction levels and renewals rates approaching 88%, so these programs have the potential to generate a significant recurring revenue stream,” said Aminov. “The programs are about shared success. We win when our partners win, and we believe that investing in them via these programs will help them do that.”

To learn more about partnership opportunities with Emsisoft. contact, or click here

About Emsisoft

Emsisoft is a cybersecurity company. Established in 2003 the company provides world class threat detection and remediation solutions that empower businesses to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Emsisoft’s award winning endpoint security solutions are trusted by individuals, enterprises, schools, hospitals and governments across the globe.


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