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Edifier receives 6 prestigious awards at the VGP 2023 awards

The innovative and world-leading audio brand Edifier continues its tradition of manufacturing high quality, innovative, audio products. To re-affirm this, the company announces that it has taken six awards at the prestigious Visual Grand Prix (VGP) 2023 in Japan. The MS50A, WH500, W240TN were recognized as lauded Gold Award Winners whilst the MP230, MF200 and W220T received the VGP 2023 Award.

The Japanese VGP Awards are well known as the “Oscar in the Audio Industry”. They are the largest, most authoritative audio-visual awards in Asia. It is held on an annual-basis by Ongen Publishing Co. Ltd., one of the most prominent publishing companies in Japan with an expertise in audio/visual related devices and state-of-art technologies. Launched in 1987, the awards bring together respected reviews from dozens of countries, all to offer an authoritative reference guide for ordinary consumers looking to make informed purchases. The VGPs are often recognised as the highest authority award in Asia’s audio-visual industry and mark a significant recognition for Edifier’s ground-breaking work in the industry.

“In 2022, Edifier won 3 VGP awards. This year it has been incredible and a privilege to receive these prestigious prizes for six of our products. We are truly honoured to be receiving awards such as these, from such an important panel of judges who have a wealth of experience in this industry. We strive to be a leader in the audio-visual industry and with our slogan of “A passion for sound”, Edifier follows the unremitting pursuit of sound quality and affordability. We are very happy and extremely proud to have our company recognised by winning these highly respected, much sought after, VGP awards”, said Stanley Wen, Edifier’s CTO.

Amongst the VGP Gold award winners was the MS50A Classic Wi-Fi speaker. This was the brand’s inaugural step into the smart speaker market that brings together premium build quality with their signature high-definition audio. Fitted with 40W (RMS) power, 25W for mid-range bass and 15W for treble, the speaker produces full-bodied audio and comes equipped with the latest AP6265 chip, AMP, and DSP technology to build a powerful tweeter and woofer with no distortion.

Another VGP Gold award winner was the WH500 Wireless On Ear Headphones which continue the brand’s outstanding record for affordable but premium quality audio products. The Edifier WH500 guarantees you a wonderful audio journey with the small yet powerful 30mm composite dynamic driver (PU+PEEK). It accurately presents pure and clear audio for all kinds of music through well-tuned transitions from clear treble, and full mid-range to strong bass.

The final winner of the VGP Gold award was the the Edifier W240TN. Aimed at the highly competitive under $100 market, the W240TN true wireless earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation have a range of exciting features and continues Edifier’s signature design language and stellar audio fidelity capabilities.

Picking up VGP awards were also the MP230, MF200 W220T. The stylish Edifier MP230 portable Bluetooth speaker matches modern hi-fi stereo with a vintage-inspired design language. The portable PC MF200 speaker is the ultimate travel companion for work or leisure. With its sleek, compact appearance and feel the MF200 looks at home sat next to even the most high-end laptops and produces a high-quality sound far superior to your average laptop. The final winner of the VGP award is the Edifier W220T. This is one of the few in-ear earphones that supports Snapdragon Sound and provides both lossless and low-latency transmission of audio.

The VGP awards recognise products that make a difference to the industry through state-of-the-art technology and design; Edifier strives for excellence, pushing the boundaries and leading by innovation to ensure people can enjoy the best premium quality audio for personal entertainment and professional use. After another successful year at the ceremony, Edifier will continue to produce an award-winning range of products.

About Edifier:

Edifier specializes in premium sound systems that showcase technological innovation and design elegance, delivering outstanding audio experiences through a wide range of headphones, speakers, and music systems, for personal entertainment and professional excellence. Established in May 1996 in Beijing, Edifier is the brainchild of a small group of enterprising music lovers. Over the past 25 years, Edifier has been guided by the principle “passion for sound,” which helped the brand emerge as a world-class designer and manufacturer of award-winning sound systems. Today, Edifier serves audio lovers worldwide through its distributors in over 70 countries, with operations in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions.


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