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EADR are pleased to announce the launch of their new website and enhanced referral scheme

Whilst from a user perspective the previous site has always been informative and simple to navigate (this has not changed), using an "off the shelf" platform comes with its own limitations. Director Alison Cook says “We knew that to have the exact site we wanted, and for it to work and behave the way we wanted it to, we had to have a bespoke website built just for us.”


“The primary focus was on building in performance and consistency from the ground up, and this has been achieved by the fact that every single line of front-end code has been written specifically for EADR. The site also comes with a whole host of regular, automated testing to ensure optimum performance and reliability”.


What will you notice about the new site?

Well, first of all it's much (much) faster;

All design is consistent right across the board, in line with EADR branding and quality;

Forms are easier to use;

A better experience on mobiles and tablets;

(Plus it looks awesome with updated photos);

Dark mode available for browsers that have it enabled


For 2024, EADR have also launched a brand-new feature for their referral partners. Those who are familiar with EADR’s fantastic data recovery referral scheme will be aware of the existing process of referring clients via their website page .


EADR can now provide their referral partners with a unique referral code. Alison says “The new referral link will not take the place of the existing scheme, but it is designed to enhance it. We understand that our partners are busy people and that not every client comes through the same channel. We have been asked on numerous occasions by IT support and Computer Repair Companies who offer data recovery, if there was a way to link directly to us on their own website and we’ve now delivered that.”


EADR have also gone a (big) step further, whereby this unique code enables tracking the entire way through, even pre-populating shipping or contact forms received with the code origin details. This means if a referral partner’s client clicks on their referral link, the case is automatically attributed to them, and partners receive their commission on successful cases. “The beauty of this referral code is that it doesn’t need to be embedded in any way, which means it can be handed out to interested customers for them to use any time. When they do decide to enquire or engage with us, we’ll know exactly where the referral was originally made and can therefore reward our loyal partners accordingly.”


All this has been made possible by the fact that the site is built on Django, and adding features is a small matter of them being written for EADR, rather than trying to wrangle some plug-in into doing something that it shouldn’t. It means that any ideas they would like implement and have been limited to in the past, are now doable.


To celebrate the launch of the new site and features, EADR are offering new referral partners who sign up for a link, a generous 25% commission on their first 3 cases received via the new scheme. Existing referral partners who wish to use the link (and who currently receive 15%), will also benefit from 25% commission for their first 3 cases received via their referral link. EADR are a privately owned specialist data recovery company based in Norfolk, but with clients throughout the UK and into Europe. Proud members of Tech for Techs and voted winners of Tech For Techs award for Best Outsource Company for 2021, 2022 and 2023.


EADR would like to thank AJ Computing for their hard work and dedication on this project. If you’d like to read about the website from a technical perspective, take a look at their article. Checkout the new Website at or call them on 01953667977


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